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  1. cadsifu

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Is there any specific reasons why the book cannot be shipped to certain countries or region? Please advise.
  2. cadsifu

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi All, It's great to know all of you here.. what a great effort by great team members... I think Affinity might be the reason why I should by Mac in near future... (oops... need to plan my 2015 budget..) Affinity gonna shake Mac-based graphic designers...
  3. cadsifu

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, I'm Nizam Mahmud from MALAYSIA. It's great to know Serif has taken a very great innitiatives to contribute their expertise for Mac-based users, especially graphic artists. Looking forward for more news and updates from you guys... I'm very keen to know what is Serif plan on Affinity for Education sector. By the way... any Malaysians here?