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  1. I've been trying to get on an issue that been persistent for a while now. Can some please help? Both Affinity Designer and AP keep crashing on export.
  2. Hey stokerg, I need some help ASAP. The program just crashed 11 times in a row before I could export. This is really slowing my process down. Can I get a patch to resolve this please
  3. Hi stokerg. So I tried saving it locally, and the issue still persists. Any other ideas?
  4. I'm exporting to a network and I'm on a Mac version 10.13.6 It's also happening with Affinity Photo. The network might have something to do with it. Can I get a patch before next week?
  5. Hey, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm trying to entire document as JPEG and PDF. Could it be my computer? Its still crashing for me. I have to restart 2-3 times every time before I can get an export.
  6. Hi stokerg. How can I send you the file directly? Its client work and I'd prefer not to share it on the forum.
  7. Hi, Whenever I'm in the export persona the app will randomly crash. This will happen 2-3 times before I can actually export the project. Is there a fix/patch for this?
  8. Please to prioritize this feature by moving it to the top of the projection schedule. Thank you
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