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  1. Well, Serif could actually create a paid DAM persona for affinity photo and just the ones interested could buy it. There's no reason to have another program when they have the perfect one for the job. I've decided I'm going to wait for Serif, money and time are very tight right now and I can't start playing with different software. I may not like it, but I'll use adobe's DNG converter and work with Lightroom until Affinity's DAM comes. I hope it's worth it.
  2. C'mon get the DAM thing ready and I'll be That-what-shall-not-be-named free!

  3. The problem is for users, like me, that are more use to a photo environment than a designer one. The moment i've read about the artbooks my mind exploded and even the export persona started to make much more sense. I guess this is solved for me but there will be other people who could ask for this option and @MEB could point to this concept :). There are tutorials, but we need a pointing finger. Guys, if you need to crop a doc, subfold your piece under an artboard, which is even selectable in the export persona with the hand selector, nice and easy! Maybe the hand selector could be the primary mode as sometimes I go to export with nothing selected and the first tool I click is the slice (crop) tool -habits are hard to beat- or at least make the slice tool in the export persona snap to the first layer it touches (which for noobs like me is going to be the border of the doc, again, old bad habits). It's horrible to be a noob and blame a more clever software than I am. :D
  4. I agree with this. It should be a simple but important tool that saves time and guessing work when you need it. I don't want to open other program or jump through hoops just to adjust the canvas or document size. let's hope it can be introduced in the next update.
  5. I wrote this on twitter and was recommended to do it here, so let's have fun. I wonder if it would be possible to have a Curve editor for the saturation as in Davinci Resolve. It's very powerful and easy to use and could speed things up to control saturation by their luminance level without going to masks. Of course, their other curves are very useful too without the need to touch sliders or masks but the Luma makes desaturate the shadows and highlights a breeze. Thanks and keep up the great work you do!
  6. And once Affinity moves to PC you can always try Lightworks (PC, Mac) or Magix Vegas (PC) which integrates very well with Hitfilm (PC, Mac). Plenty of great options on the editing side. FCPX is brilliant, I use it every day and I'm very happy with it.
  7. Keep the lovely apply 3d LUT adjustment for the planned DAM! Lightroom is the only adobe program left in my computer. Affinity Photo and Designer make a great work and they're getting there with each update!
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