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  1. Thanks for the reply Ben. Understand the complexities must be quite hectic and constantly evolving. Maybe something that could be looked at down the line? And might I be so bold as to suggest making the format Open Source? You guys have done something special with the blending of pixel and vector based art and I could see the adoption of your format across the industry. Affinity as THE standard would be a good thing. ...g
  2. Hi Affinity team. Love the software. I have it all on my PC and iPad. So what is the chances of getting native support for the Affinity formats in other programs like After Effects and Cinema 4D? I do use EPS currently, but it would accelerate my workflow massively if I could just pull in the Affinity documents directly. Is the Affinity format documented, so that a third party could maybe make an importer for other software? ...g
  3. Yeah, Wacom make brilliant products and the old ones work just as well as the new ones. I have two of the serial tablets still in use. Using the more button allows me to make changes to the dynamics. So the driver installation is not a straight forward procedure. I have to install an older driver which gets the tablets working, then a newer driver to get the preferences working in the control panel. However, that is works in MS Paint says to me the driver is working well. I am gonig to try the 'Windows ink' option, if it is there. Will feedback.
  4. Hi all, I am having the pressure issue other are having with Wacom Tablets, but I have slight difference: I am using an Intuos 1 tablet that uses a serial port. I am using a Keyspan adapter to convert it to a USB port. So I am gettting pressure in other programs like Microsoft paint, so I am at a loss as to why it is not working in Affinity. Any thoughts?
  5. That is actually a good point. The final target medium being print changes what you do on screen dramatically. Being a motion graphics guy, the screen is the target. I think you made a good call there.
  6. Nice artwork, good colour choice. I think it would work well with the flat colour by itself. How about you put a version up without the noise?
  7. Hi my name is Gareth and I am a motion graphic designer. Just got Affinity Photo as my replacement for Photoshop and loving it so far. I come from the Amiga days of design and animation, so I love to see new thinking and inventiveness in my tools. So small, question, when are we getting a replacement for After Effects Affinity team? ...end of line
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