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    StevenS got a reaction from GarryP in Who should sign up for the newsletter?   
    Hi Garry,
    The sign up on the Publisher page is the same as the sign up page for the newsletter. If you are already getting emails emails then you will be notified as soon as we have any updates about Publisher.
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    StevenS reacted to R C-R in Linux. Seriously now.   
    The world needs somebody to do lots of things. The issue is if the world really is willing to pay enough for them to make it economically viable for someone to provide them.
    For Serif/Affinity, among other things that means not just generating enough sales to pay for the development costs plus a reasonable profit but also not diverting so much of their limited development resources to the project that it would adversely affect the continued development of their existing products.
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    StevenS reacted to Keith Reeder in Linux. Seriously now.   
    And they're the zealots.
    If image processing, rather than their obsession with their operating system, was really their priority, they'd accept that Windows or Mac will give them immediate access to Affinity Photo, and simply choose and use one - you don't have to have a childish emotional attachment to your operating system in order to appreciate what it can do for you...
    But no, it has to be on their (arbitrary) choice of OS.
    So it's clear that winning the OS argument is more important to them than actually getting access to Affinity Photo, which is otherwise available to them right now.
    Just not on Linux. 
    Oh - and "thousands of designers"? "Regularly asking"?
    Proof of these statements might make the case for Linux more convincing...
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    StevenS reacted to SrPx in Linux. Seriously now.   
    I want it in my Nintendo 64.
    // Joke.
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    StevenS reacted to R C-R in Work Books   
    e-books are fine for some things but I am not so sure they would be a good fit for the printed content in the Affinity workbooks, particularly where the color accuracy & high image resolution of high quality printed pages are important.
    Regarding piracy & sharing, a lot of copyrighted material is included, much of it not owned by Serif/Affinity, so those rights holders also have a say in how it is distributed.
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    StevenS reacted to R C-R in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    I was just curious. The delay won't be a problem for me unless it is much longer than into next week.
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    StevenS got a reaction from stokerg in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    Hi res0122,
    Affinity Designer Workbooks are in stock and will be shipped the same day. Affinity Photo Workbooks are expected to be back in stock on Monday and shipped soon after.
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    StevenS reacted to Kiarian in Gran Turismo Sport - Super Mario Kart   
    Gran Turismo Sport now allow users to import SVG files for the in-game livery editor. The only thing is, the SVG file has to be below 15Kb in memory, which is pretty tiny.
    It's a nice challenge though, to chop away as much unneeded information as possible, but to still get a good quality image. I created this vector file using Affinity Designer, which I then exported as the SVG file. 
    I then used the livery editor to give my bog standard go-kart a new design.

    The Gran Turismo screenshots are in game. I'm just showing them to illustrate how the decal design looks on the go-kart!

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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in Email address not recognised   
    This should really say “New to the Affinity Store?” Many Mac owners have been using the Affinity apps ever since they were launched, but if they've only purchased the apps (via the Mac App Store) they won't have Affinity Store accounts.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Leigh in Email address not recognised   
    Hi Frank,
    Our Forum and our Store are two separate entities, and having an account on one, does not mean you will have an account on the other.
    We do not have an existing Affinity Store account that uses your email address. When placing your order, please use the “New to Affinity” option at checkout using any email address and password you wish. An Affinity Store account will be created for you.   Hope this helps
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