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    StevenS reacted to hi-ko in Bought Affinity Photo and were charged VAT   
    mission succeeded: Ordering via email works as expected. It took several days but finally we got a correct inovice respecting both VAT IDs.
    Lessons learned: never use the Affinity Shop if you you need an invoice for a company and be patient. This works also for the Mac version!
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in download Affinity photo onto a new Mac   
    Most Affinity customers using Mac purchased the software via the Mac Store, as the Mac Affinity suite has only been available directly  from Serif for a few weeks.
    If you're one who purchased from the Mac Store you'll need to download from there for your new Mac. Serif would have no record of your transaction.
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    StevenS reacted to jmwellborn in Dispatch country of workbooks   
    I live in the US.  I purchased Designer and the workbook from the Affinity Store on November 22.   The elegant workbook arrived in the mail on Monday, the 26th.   Beautifully shrink-wrapped and packaged and in tip-top condition.  I am astounded at the speed!!!!!!!
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    StevenS got a reaction from sgraphic in Dispatch country of workbooks   
    Hi @sgraphic
    Welcome to the Affinity forum.
    This very much depends on where in the world we would be shipping the book to. If you are in the EU then the order would be shipped from within the EU. If you are outside the EU, it could come from within the EU or the US, depending on where exactly it is going.
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    StevenS reacted to MEB in store sign up url?   
    Hi gravelgob,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Affinity Store accounts are created when you buy something from the store the first time or when you download some resources we offer in certain occasions. For example If you click the download link to claim the Grade UI Kit offer in Affinity Designer (in the Welcome Screen) you will be prompt to create an account in the Affinity Store in order to get/download the kit.
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    StevenS reacted to emmrecs01 in Switching license from Windows to macOS   
    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums.
    Affinity licences are platform-specific.  IOW there are different licences for Windows, MAC and IOS and it is not possible to transfer from one to another.
    So yes, you will need to buy a"new" licence for your MacBook.
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    StevenS got a reaction from andrewraj in Purchasing model between Microsoft Store vs Affinity Store   
    Hi @andrewraj
    Welcome to the Affinity forum.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer a licence from one store to another with out an additional purchase, sorry.
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    StevenS got a reaction from LostInTranslation in Current sale on iPad until when?   
    Hi LostInTranslation,
    Our current Black Friday Sale will be available until the 27th.
    I hope that helps.
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    StevenS reacted to LostInTranslation in Current sale on iPad until when?   
    Woohoo, thank you so much. That will give me a chance to still buy for the sale price.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in Buying PagePlus as legacy software   
    Hi Ind,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum!
    To purchase PagePlus X9, head over to serif.com and then select "Menu" in the upper right corner.
    You will find a link for PagePlus on the Menu screen.
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    StevenS got a reaction from aimuch in Is it a lifetime upgrade or a large version upgrade?   
    Hi aimuch,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum.
    All upgrades for the current version (1.x) are free.
    A new version (2.x) would require a new purchase that would include all future upgrades to that version.
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    StevenS got a reaction from imagineopeneyes in Purchasing an Affinity Product to do Web Development (like Dreamweaver)   
    Hi Imagineopeneyes,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum.
    We do not have any plans for a web editing or a video editing application, sorry.
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    StevenS got a reaction from jnkstry in Refund / Replacement Question   
    Hi jnkstry,
    I can only advise that you contact our Returns team directly for advice on this one. They can be contacted through the email address below;
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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in Ordering both Workbooks in one order?   
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    StevenS got a reaction from CathieLive in Ordering both Workbooks at the same time?   
    Hi bastian and Saurbaum, welcome to the Affinity Forum!
    It is not possible to place an order on our website for both books in one order without paying two shipping charges. As one book alone is quite heavy (nearly 1.6kg with packaging) and because of this weight, we are charged by Amazon, who send our orders out.
    However, we can offer anyone who would like both books the chance to pay the full shipping cost for one and just half for the second. If this is something you would be interested in, please send an email to affinity@serif.com, as well as your full address and we can arrange it for you. 
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    StevenS got a reaction from Jaffa in We have the goods but you don't seem to want payment?   
    Hi Jaffa,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    I've passed this on to the appropriate departments and someone should get in touch with you very soon. My apologies for the delay.
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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in Need an additional liscense?   
    As long as no one else is using the app for commercial purposes, you only need one licence per platform. So the licence for your current iPad will also cover the new one.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in iPad Apps Sales   
    Hi michacassola,
    We do not announce promotions ahead of time, sorry.
    I can only advise that you sign up to our Newsletter (if you haven't done so already) so that you do not miss any in the future.
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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in iPad Apps Sales   
    It isn’t in Serif’s interests to announce sales in advance, because some (many?) potential purchasers would wait for the sale if it isn’t far away. Having said that, there were special offers to mark the launches of both version 1.5 and version 1.6 of the Affinity apps, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a similar special offer when version 1.7 is released.
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    StevenS got a reaction from KipV in Publisher Workbook?   
    Hi wobmann,
    We do have plans for an Affinity Publisher workbook.
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    StevenS got a reaction from rgcn in Publisher Workbook?   
    Hi wobmann,
    We do have plans for an Affinity Publisher workbook.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Licence Mac on Windows   
    The Affinity applications are licensed separately for each OS (MacOS, iOS, Windows) that they support, so you'll have to repurchase it specifically for Windows if you want to install it there.
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    StevenS reacted to 276ccm in Affinity Video?   
    It’s been asked many times, and they say they have no current plans for it.. 
    never say never, but I wouldn’t hold my breath! :-) 
    and personally I prefer they put the energy and the good programmers into their current line of photo, designer. 
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    StevenS reacted to TonyB in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    I think we have received all the feedback we need for PagePlus import. I will end this thread by saying that if we did produce an importer we would wait until Affinity Publisher supports enough features that the importer would be better than our current PDF import. Sorry but that's best we can say at this time.
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    StevenS reacted to Ben in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    Speaking as the person who wrote the PSD import/export code for Affinity - I can tell you that was a MAMMOTH task, and one that will never be complete - it has already taken up a huge part of the development time over the past six years.  It is also the most contentious since it is almost impossible to do a perfect round trip import/export via a third party editable file format.  But, PSD is probably the most used third party file format for us, so made the most sense to put the effort into supporting it to the degree we have.
    Now, in terms of our user base of the Affinity range, the percentage of people wanting to import PagePlus files compared to other formats is probably low.  If we did write an importer, we'd open ourselves up to demands for it to be accurate to PagePlus, even though it would be impossible to do a one-to-one import of some features.  As has been said before - the Affinity code base has been written from scratch.  There is no shared code with the Plus range.  To this end, it is no different to the software being written by a completely different company.  The amount of work to support import/export of what is effectively a non-native file format is very significant.
    Another thing to take into account is that PagePlus is effectively becoming a legacy format.  The code was written for an OS and style of application that is becoming outdated.  It also would not have been possible to port the code to accommodate platforms such as iOS in the way that we have achieved with Affinity.  This means that in future only existing user of PagePlus will be creating content in it.  That user base will naturally shrink. It also means that the future requirement for a PP importer will become less and less.  Compare that to an importer for a third party format that is staying "current" - you can see where the effort is better spent with regard to the wider user base of Affinity.
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