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    StevenS got a reaction from Michael Schneider in How to create an Affinity account after purchasing via Mac app stor?   
    Welcome to the Affinity forum @Michael Schneider,
    It is not possible to download App Store purchases from our own store or transfer a purchase between the two stores.
    To download a previous order, open the Mac App Store and select 'Purchased'. You will be shown a list, which will include your Affinity app (You will need to be logged into the Mac App Store using the same account that was used to purchase the app).
    If you are experiencing any issues accessing your App Store purchase, please contact Apple for further assistance.
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    StevenS reacted to MEB in On how many WindowsComputer can I install Affinity Photo   
    Hi NiCoEinZ,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    If all the PC's are running the same OS, you own them alll and are the only one using the application for commercial purposes then yes, you can install it on all three using the same license.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Blende21 in Affinity Take my money with no App !!   
    Hi @Najla,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum.
    As you have already emailed us three times and tweeted us about this issue, please allow us the time to investigate what may have happened in this instance and as soon as we have more information we will get back in touch.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in Using 50% off coupon   
    The unique voucher codes that are sent out to individuals who used our 90 day trial can only be used once, and as such yours was redeemed whilst purchasing Affinity Designer.
    Please contact affinity@serif.com for assistance placing an order for you Publisher and Photo.
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    StevenS reacted to RG3_Whitecape in your payment has been declined by your payment provider, please try another method   
    Problem solved. Thanks for your time and attention!
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    StevenS got a reaction from Arrwulf in Stuck at "Processing your order"   
    Hi Arrwulf,
    It would appear that the card you have linked to your PayPal account, is either not set up for payments that use 3D Secure or your bank is not.
    We can arrange alternative methods to pay (at the same price as when you attempted), and if you could please contact affinity@serif.com, one of the team will be happy to help.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Product purchase   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    From Serif's messages, the 50% discount expires on June 20. After that the products return to their usual prices.
    The trial will be good for 90 days from when you started, but if you don't purchase by June 20 you will not have the 50% discount available.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Product Key Not Working   
    Thanks for the clarification.
    You only enter the product key once. After you have done that, when you next restart the applications you just click on Continue Trial.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Publisher as a gift   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    Transferring a license to another user is not allowed.
    I think your best approach is:
    1. Email affinityreturns@serif.com and return your purchase for a refund. Then
    2. Email affinity@serif.com and purchase a redemption code that you can give to him. He would then redeem the code, download the program, and install it using his email address.
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    StevenS reacted to Fixx in Transfer License from one MacBook to another   
    If you just migrate from old mac to a new one, you transfer old content to net mac using migration assistant (can use either old mac connected or TimeMachine backup). Software should be operational immediately. If you are going to sell or give away your old mac you reset it according Apple procedure and all your old stuff including licences are gone from old mac.
    If you are moving from PC to Mac you need to buy new licences, they are not transferable between platforms.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Licensing Question (Josef Marcik)   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    No, you would need to purchase another license as the Affinity applications are licensed separately by OS family: Mac, iPad, Windows.
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    StevenS reacted to CharlieMoore123 in Charged twice when I ordered once...   
    *** Update ***
    My problem got fixed. Thank you to the Affinity team and keep up with the amazing work you are doing. 
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    StevenS reacted to mamalady in Error: The code you entered does not exist.   
    Thank you, that was the problem.
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    StevenS got a reaction from mamalady in Error: The code you entered does not exist.   
    Welcome to the Affinity forum @mamalady,
    I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the codes you have received. Are you entering the entire code into the relevant section?
    The most common reason this happens is that recipients ignore the word at the beginning of the code and only enter "code" looking part. You need to ensure that you are entering the enter code, including the word at the beginning.
    If this still does not work, contact affinity@serif.com with the code itself and we can look in to this further for you.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in Can I use it after June 20 ?   
    The original post and the one that was sent through to us read;
    I am a "90 day trial" user.
    80 days left.
    Can I use it after June 20 ?
    I will edit my own post to reflect that OP has now edited the post itself - thanks for the heads up.
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    StevenS reacted to MrSimmix in Cannot Make Payment   
    Good day,
    I am experiencing the same problem. I cannot enter my card details in the provided space. To resolve this I tried using a VPN. That did not work. I changed my country location in my account. That did not work. However, upon following your advice, about using a different browser, it now appears to be working.
    When it was not working, I was busy using Google Chrome. Once I switched to Microsoft Edge it allowed me to enter my details. 
    Just thought that I would share, since I also experienced the same issue.
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    StevenS got a reaction from billadong in workbook affinity desinger   
    ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ฟอรัม Affinity @billadong,
    น่าเสียดายที่หนังสือไม่ได้ถูกจัดส่งไปยังประเทศไทย แต่มี บริษัท อย่าง Flycrates ที่คุณสามารถจัดส่งหนังสือให้ใครจะเป็นผู้จัดส่งเอง ฉันไม่สงสัยว่ามันราคาถูก แต่นั่นเป็นตัวเลือก
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in price reduction   
    HI @ruephs,
    The Microsoft Store price should be updated in the next 24 hours.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Setting up account   
    You won't have an account at the Affinity Store sure unless you purchased or downloaded something from that store.
    Your purchase for the iPad was from the Apple Store, so you won't have an Affinity account. And you don't need one.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Buy Affinity Designer from Microsoft Store   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    The free offers should be available as one of the items on the Welcome Screen when you start the program. Just scroll through them if you don't see it, or wait for them to auto-scroll.
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    StevenS got a reaction from jmwellborn in Apple Order "Cancelled" and cannot update app   
    Hi @williecorrea,
    We have update the subject line to help others who may experience the same issue find this post.
    If your order within the App Store is showing as cancelled, then we would encourage you to contact Apple for further assistance - https://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store
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    StevenS reacted to emmrecs01 in MoviePlus X5 Unlock Codes   
    Welcome to the Affinity forums!
    These are the forums for Serif's current range of software.  All the "Plus" range are now Legacy products, so no longer manufactured!  The forum for them is Community Plus.
    BUT, unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain those unlock codes.  The first post in this thread explains why, although this post may offer you some consolation!
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    StevenS reacted to MikeW in Do I have to buy the program again?   
    Yes. Each OS requires a new license. 
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    StevenS got a reaction from Lajeunesse in Only 1 license (App store) and 90 trial days ?   
    Hi @Lajeunesse,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum.
    My advice if you already have Affinity Designer is to only install the 90 day trials for Publisher and Photo. Installing the 90 day trial for Designer will not affect anything, but if you already have the paid version then there is no reason to install the trial.
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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in Same Apple ID; two MACs; License?   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, vbajraktarov.
    The single-user licence allows you to install the software on any machine that you own or control, as long as it’s the same platform (i.e. Mac or Windows) and no one else is using it for commercial purposes.
    By the way, you seem to have used your email address as your forum display name. That makes it available to spammers, so you might want to change it to something else. You can do that via the following link:
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