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    StevenS reacted to ionh in Prospective purchase...   
    @StevenS, incidentally, love the signature footer, which i shall steal without attribution¬†ūüėČ
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Affiniti photo software   
    You're welcome.
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    StevenS got a reaction from ionh in Prospective purchase...   
    This will 100% happen, and we will also let people know on our social media channels when it is about to end too  
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    StevenS reacted to ionh in Prospective purchase...   
    Thanks, everyone, for the helpful answers.   My take-way is that discount might be withdrawn at any time, without notice (which is fair enough in my view);   but i can at least hope that, having signed up for emails, Serif might send round an "offer about to expire" alert, or that the special mentioned by StevenS might be repeated.   Caveat emptor!
    Thanks again.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in Prospective purchase...   
    Just to add a bit of further clarity on the discount in relation to the trial. The trial can be started at any time once the trial key has been received, so potentially the trial could be started in a few years time, and we would not honour the discount at the end if that was to occur.
    What we did last year after the discount had expired was to send an email to everyone who signed up for the trial (and ticked the "Allow Serif to send me emails" box) as they neared the end of the trial period, with a unique link to still get the offer. It has not yet been confirmed that this will happen on this occasion.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Have not received my Photo Workbook   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    For this, the best approach would be to email affinityorders@serif.com and give your order number. They will be able to check.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Physical Copy VS Download   
    And possibly T-Shirts
    But I think that part of the page could use a bit of clarification about that.
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    StevenS got a reaction from emmrecs01 in Shipping price absurd new Publisher book   
    We are charged by Amazon (who ship the books) depending on the weight of goods that are sent and each book is nearly 1.6kg with packaging. In some countries like Australia, the shipping charge is 60% of the cost of the book!
    We have done our best to alleviate the shipping cost and in all cases we are paying additional costs on top of that which our customers are paying, to help keep the charge as low as feasibly possible.
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    StevenS got a reaction from walt.farrell in Odd pricing in Affinity Store (US)   
    Hi Walt,
    This usually occurs when a VPN is being used, or a browser plugin (or similar) is showing your device as being in a different location.
    Currently whilst working from home and using a remote connection, all sites think I am in Ireland all though I am very much still in Nottingham.
    The good news is that the currency will default to that of your Affinity Store account once you are signed in.
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    StevenS got a reaction from asiyu0809 in i cant buy affinity designer   
    Hi @asiyu0809,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum and I am sorry to hear this.
    If the issues still persists, please contact affinity@serif.com and we can look at other ways to help you place an order.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Affinity Photo on both Mac & Windows   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    Yes, the applications are licensed by operating system platform (MacOS, Windows, iPadOS). You need to purchase a separate application license for each platform you want to use.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Starfire in Purchase Discounts   
    Hi @Starfire, welcome to the Affinity forum.
    We do not give advance notice for when our next promotions might be, but to ensure you do not miss out when there is one, you could sign up for our newsletter.
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    StevenS reacted to Kis in Get error trying to validate Affinity on replacement laptop   
    While it is entirely clear why the 33rd or so try was the charm this has been fixed. 

    My dislike of post processing however remains in place sigh.  

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    StevenS reacted to th_studio in Unable to login to my Affinity account.   
    Hi @StevenS. Thanks for your response  Everything is fine now. I'm not quite sure what the cause was.
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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in Affinty   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Cbomb224.
    The Affinity apps have separate licences for each platform (Mac, Windows, and iPad) so you will need to make an additional purchase.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Lost product installation code   
    As you purchased from the Mac App Store, you do not have a product code; the license is tied to your Apple ID.
    All you should need to do on your MacBook Air is login to the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID you used for the purchase on the iMac, and install Affinity Photo to your new machine from there.
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    StevenS reacted to sfriedberg in Are Templates available? (Split)   
    Hahahahaha.   Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but I really can't tell if you are trolling or not.  Despite its present shortcomings, Affinity Publisher's ambition is really not to replace $10 shovelware from the local Office Depot or Staples store.  They (claim to) aim at professional pre-press layout where document/book design is a significant part of the process.  Nobody uses a template to to make a book, because every book design is different.  (And volumes 1-24 of Genre Fiction by House Author, all laid out the same, that's a deliberate choice and the series book design was unique.)
    And clip art?  Clip art?  This is not the early 1980's when software came on floppies, nor the 1990's when it came on multiple CDs.  Today you can find more clip art, free or paid, on the Internet than anyone could possibly cram into an application product package.  If you want to complain, complain that AffPub didn't come with a larger variety of built-in links to large Internet stock art sites, but for crying out loud don't complain that it didn't come with polka-dot kittens, plaid teddy bears, and anthropomorphic numbers and letters.
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    StevenS reacted to R C-R in Linux. Seriously now.   
    The issue is that 20,000 people have not told Serif they would buy Linux versions, nor is it clear when Serif could offer them anything for their money or how well that would compare to the existing products.
    So imagine what it would be like if in 2-3 years Serif finally released their first Linux version & it performed poorly & lacked major features the Mac & Windows versions include. My guess is lots of the people that had paid up front for the app would be screaming to get their money back, not just in the customer support forum or directly from Serif, but also all over social media.
    Can you see why that might not be a risk Serif would be willing to take?
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    StevenS got a reaction from Sevinc in Is the licence permanent?   
    Welcome to the Affinity forum @Sevinc,
    Purchases made directly through our website are bought to own without any annual or monthly subscriptions.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Chris B in Bill with company address   
    You can create a VAT receipt for any order on your account; https://affinity.store/account/orders/
    On your account homepage, click ‚ÄúOrder history‚ÄĚ and locate the order you wish to generate a VAT receipt for.
    Click ‚ÄúView VAT Receipt‚ÄĚ and enter your details, click ‚ÄúCreate VAT receipt‚ÄĚ and a PDF VAT receipt will be generated.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in buy software from reseller 3rd party   
    I think the same thing every time I quote it, I just assume it means something different in legal terms *shrugs*.
    My guess is that this is more "wouldn't" than "couldn't" - My advice would be to contact your bank and request a charge back, ultimately you have been mis-sold and the bank should help if you explain the situation.
    Not directly through the Credit/Debit card portal on our site, but if you apply the card to a PayPal account and pay through PayPal, you should not have any issues AND the purchase would be protected by PayPal.
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    StevenS reacted to emmrecs01 in Why wont my visa card work   
    @Trav p
    Welcome to the Affinity forums.
    Since the error message clearly states "Your payment has been declined by your payment provider", how can you be so sure the problem is with Affinity???
    However, I believe others have experienced this problem when using Debit, rather than Credit cards, especially if the owner of the card is not in the UK, where Serif/Affinity are based.  I am sure one of the Serif Customer Support staff will see your post and respond after the weekend.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in tromper de logiciel   
    Ooops, you are correct - mental lapse. I have corrected my post now.
    Most likely¬†ūüėē¬†- Thanks both of you.
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    StevenS got a reaction from GGXST in Im thinking in getting the workbook but I wonder if is up-to date and with the latest software update   
    Welcome to the Affinity forum @GGXST,
    The most recent edition of our workbooks show the Updated UI and any procedures that changed in 1.7. There are however no new projects.
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