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  1. eps is the industry standard, BUT if your logo contains bitmap elements (jpeg, tiff, png, etc) they do not get vectorizeed, so resizing the logo will result in pixelation no matter what format you export them in.
  2. Hi...I'm SandyC. I've been a graphic designer (now semi-retired) since the mid 1980s. I liked Freehand...shunned Illustrator...until Freehand lost track of what it was...an Illustration program rather than a Swiss Army Knife. Once it got gobbled up by Adobe I chose the lesser of two evils and moved to Illustrator. I've been using it ever since. I have to admit that Illustrator had developed nicely ever since I moved to it. It has some great features. Of course Adobe decided to rent their software rather than selling it (CC and CC2014), which once again soured me to their products. I st
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