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  1. v139 to v140 worked as advertised. Thanks.
  2. Thank you Old Bruce—and you're correct about the order left to right, at any rate relaunching Publisher (sans modifier key) worked! I'm almost certain I tried that earlier, strange. I'm glad it's back to normal.
  3. I'd like to request a 'Flush Space' be added to Publisher's Insert menu, please. In InDesign, this invisible white space ensures proper spacing of groups of text when using Justified All Lines. Kinda hard to describe so let David Blatner explain here.
  4. James Rodriguez

    Flush Space

    BTW, this was an InDesign feature at least as early as CS2.
  5. More cropped UI elements using 'Large UI Size'… note the 3 Radio Button options at the top of the Spread Setup dialog box, their last characters are incomplete. Same aberration in Typography panel.
  6. Only a problem when I use large Font UI Size elsewhere in Preferences, but as this isn't an issue in Photo or Designer, so shouldn't it be in Publisher. Affinity Publisher v1.7.0.128 Late 2011, 17" MacBook Pro, 2.5 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7, 16 BG Ram, OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan
  7. A Slug area is necessary in a page layout application. Please add.
  8. I have an unprofiled grayscale image that AP insists on opening in RGB color space, not Grayscale. The Color Profiles section of Preferences has different scenarios for assigning profiles, but is there a way to open an unprofiled grayscale file in Grayscale color space? Photoshop opens unprofiled grayscale files in grayscale color space as expected, why can't AP? I opened said file in PS, re-saved it as grayscale with Gray Gamma 2.2 profile, AP now opens it in Grayscale color space with Greyscale D50 profile. But what about AP opening it in Grayscale with the Greyscale D50 profile from the get go?
  9. Nice job, Jer. Matching the shades to the background was a good idea. Thanks for sharing.
  10. James Rodriguez

    1957 Chevy Corvette Roadster - Affinity Designer Vectors

    Beautiful work, Isabel. And thank you Timber for the YouTube link.
  11. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    I'm chuckling. You guys pinpoint exactly my fear of Blender (or any new software)—rewiring my brain. I got very comfortable with Adobe and resented their forcing me to learn AD. And yeah, there was a slow down and cussing and LOTS of videos. LightWave to Modo wasn't so bad because they're similar, but oh my god did I pull my hair out. And that's the agony I'm afraid of; Blender NOT being like Modo—stupid, I know. I'll try to stick with Blender for a few reasons: it's free, it's additional 3D knowledge under my belt, and learning anything new is always good for my brain.
  12. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    Thanks for the encouragement. I just hope I can endure the valley of pain, I really HATE that place. I suffered a bit learning Affinity Designer and Photo, and still I reference videos and the help system. I'm just used to doing things Adobe's way (I'm on old CS5). Free time is the thing, but I'll try to stick with the Blender videos—I have Lynda.com. I forget who mentioned it above, but yes I do have a full size keyboard and I don't use Apple's silly mouse, I have a corded Logitech M500. I also have an old Wacom Intuos3, which apparently isn't supported in Sierra, so I'm still on El Capitan. You're so right, 3D is tough to learn. First was Ray Dream Studio (don't laugh), then LightWave, then Modo. I'm kinda assuming Blender will be not-as-tough because of my 3D experience. Maybe I'm delusional. Here's hoping.
  13. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    OK, info overload, but I appreciate it guys. I transferred my TextEdit notes over to Notes (Apple's note taking app) because it can include pics (i.e., Kevin's screenshots). Thanks for the advice about Left select vs. Right select. I caught that option in one of the videos—I confess I changed it immediately from the default of Left, but you guys say Nein! I hear and obey.
  14. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    Now that sounds useful, thanks a million. It's in my TextEdit file.
  15. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    I'm keeping a TextEdit file of suggestions. Thanks Ren.
  16. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    Thank you Renzatic, Frustratingly, the middle mouse wheel click kept zooming out of our Milky Way, your suggestion helped. Now I gotta get used to holding the Option Key just to rotate about my scene. Grrrr.
  17. Hi PixelBrush, There's a blue "Download Attachment" button along the right edge of the website. See picture:
  18. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    Hey Kevin, I'm only 9 videos in, but I also watched Jonathan Williamson's 6 introductory movies over at CGCookie, and I'm already finding a problem with navigation. Maybe it's my mouse or the middle click wheel. I'm on Mac as I know you are, may I Private Message you concerning Blender and input devices? I don't wanna hijack this forum with my Blender queries, and since you're the one to yell at, well... :o
  19. James Rodriguez

    illustrations for monema.it upcoming website

    These are really nice—I like the paper cutout appeal, color palette and the background texture.
  20. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    Ok, who do I blame? I downloaded and installed Blender, imported the User Manual to GoodReader on iPad, and started watching Blender Essential Training by George Maestri on Lynda.com. Problem is I don't really have time to learn a new 3D package, but I usually sink pretty deep when I tackle something new. I gotta yell at somebody. :angry:
  21. James Rodriguez

    Affinity Photo and Blender

    I watched Secret to Photorealism and Too Busy to Learn Blender? Both great. The 2nd is applicable to ANYONE who ever tried learning something new or getting something done; retraining ourselves to better handle unpleasant tasks.
  22. James Rodriguez

    How do I make a time warp effect?

    Well whadda you know, a comic! And there's my masterpiece. :rolleyes: Glad we could help.