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    eurime reacted to David Willner in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Just downloaded Affinity Publisher - any plans to support r-to-l in any of your products? I have many clients who need English and Hebrew support and would value having something other than Adobe to make use of.
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    eurime reacted to Behnam in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    I second David request. But if you are committed to support RTL (for Hebrew, Persian, Arabic etc.) then DO IT NOW! before it gets too complicated.
    It’s like Ginger & Fred. Everything Fred Astaire does, Ginger Rogers does too, but backward (and with high heels)!
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    eurime reacted to reesha in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    I am third,
    please support RTL.
    your apps are amazing.
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    eurime reacted to fde101 in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    I believe some traditional Japanese texts actually run top-to-bottom (a "line" is written as a column) then right-to-left?
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    eurime reacted to Chris Thompson in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    To add to this discussion, it's not just RTL support, but also support for complex scripts that's currently missing.
    If I paste Hindi into Affinity Publisher, the letters don't appear in the correct order, notably in the word Hindi (हिंदी) itself!
    If I type Devanagari k-virama-r, the virama remains visible and the 'k' and 'r' don't combine as they should
    However, there is some contextual shape-changing already present: if I type in Arabic bab (باب) = door, the first 'b' correctly changes shape, but incorrecly stays at the left end of the word.
    I appreciate there's more work to be done, but as mentioned above, surely it's better to build in support for non-Latin scripts early rather than nail it on later (InDesign) or not at all (Quark).
    Good luck
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    eurime reacted to Rancher in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    This is absolutely true. There is not only a big need for complex scripts and non-Latin typesetting at the document level, but also at the paragraph and word level as well. It really needs to be considered from the beginning, not as an add-on down the road.
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    eurime reacted to Musaed in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Add to that the need to support RTL page and section order.
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    eurime reacted to figarojew in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Another request for RTL support. I have that support in Apple Pages and even in Swift Publisher 5 of all places! It's a must for me!
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    eurime reacted to Birn in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Yes, Hebrew in English or German texts is my daily bread – please add Right-to-Left support as soon as possible!
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    eurime reacted to amirzelcer@gmail.com in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Same here - Please add R2L
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    eurime got a reaction from Arun Sarkar in Affinity Suite's biggest woe   
    As someone who has used Photoshop extensively and had been complaining about its clunkiness, Affinity Photo (And Designer no less) was a welcomed breath of fresh air. I have been a vocal supporter of the Adobe To Affinity migration ever since I started using product. It runs like butter. It feels like made by designers as advertised.

    However, one can't help but feel an overwhelming disappointment, if not a bit of humiliation when talking about Affinity to other designers when they pop the question "does it support Right To Left Languages."

    I live in the UAE; a majority of the designers and artists that work here are Indians, many of whom barely speak a scrab of Arabic, let alone know how to read the language, and yet their biggest concern is being able to go RTL because the market demands it and its kind of awkward when speaking to a client why a simple copy/paste procedure doesn't always work for them

    When I expanded my work to FNB menu designs,  that's when it hit me hard the most. The amount of time spent to implement these insane work arounds just to get arabic written properly on an AF file made me see their point.

    Any designer worth his salt will know that his main job is to communicate a message; if I'm indeed speaking to designers involved in developing this product, I'll begin my extending my utmost respect to a fine product you guys have going. But I can't help but ask: if we're here to communicate messages through visuals, how can something as crucial as Right-To-Left language support be placed so far down the priority list?! Arabs amount to almost 386 million and the language stands in the top 5 most spoken in the world. 

    This goes without mentioning Hebrew/Cyrillic/Azeri...

    I mean no disrespect, but I just needed to convey my frustration. I won't pretend to understand how hard development is.
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    eurime got a reaction from Chris B in [AD] - 0xC0000005 - extremely unstable   
    Here's the link where you can download the earlier versions.
    Before you to revert back, try shifting Render settings to WARP as a last resort.
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    eurime got a reaction from Hobbit1984 in Making Performance Tips Video - Assistance Appreciated   
    Hi all!

    So, in my bid to help the community of Affinity, I'd like to make some videos address certain issues. It's not a perfect product, but there's no shame in trying to help make it perfect :)

    I've noticed that with AMD Graphic cards, Affinity will produce some considerable lag spikes during heavy duty work. This was noted on two different workstations out of three. The third housing less ram & processing power in the other, but virtually no issues. But when I changed the Renderer to WARP, (i.e, removed the GPU acceleration), the results were improved.

    So this is one performance tip I have (i'm sure others have discovered this but hey! It's still help, right?)

    Are there any other performance tips or problems that you've rectified on your end that you'd like to share?  Please note that it has to be performance related.

    Would like to involve you.
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    eurime got a reaction from NobleValerian in Software Massive Lag Spikes   
    HI all,

    I should start off by saying I love Affinity. Even while it can be felt that it requires a few enchancements, it's none the less a polished software package. (I have both.)

    Secondly, my workstation is quite high-end. 32GB's of RAM. Current generation i7 processor. 

    Unfortunately, I have experienced some ridiculous lag overtime. So much so, that it seemed if I were to so much as sneeze, I'd have to wait it out.

    I've noticed some improvement once I switched the Renderer during the Performance tab from my R9 AMD Card to Warp. A considerable one, but never the less, there are times when the lag spikes just keep coming back.

    Has anyone experienced these delays?

    Again, I'm not talking about some short intervals expected from a new software. I'm talking about long, almost painful freezes while editing developed raw photos. Sometimes, simply by moving them.