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  1. Am I the only one who comes back about once a week to check this thread for DAM progress?!
  2. I was never a Xara user (PC only) but was a massive fan of their original work, when they were Computer Concepts. ArtWorks on the Acorn RiscPC had the best UI of any software I've ever used. :)
  3. I absolutely disagree with this. In the context of photo management, a DAM must included both organisation and non-destructive editing. These are expected features these days and without them what's the point? Fixx (post above) says "I am not sure people understand that it is very different animal compared to plain vanilla pixel work. It just may be too hard to built application with instant non-destructive editing.". I disagree with this too. People are very aware of the difference and it is clearly achievable as applications such as Aperture, Lightroom and Capture One demonstrate. My view is that with the demise of Aperture, the market is crying out for a modern replacement. All current options fall down in one (or more) areas. Lightroom has an ancient UI and some poorly thought out workflow decisions. Capture One has only basic organisation functionality. Neither integrate with the macOS ecosystem well. Anyone who nails it will have the market for their taking.
  4. I'd also love an update on this. I'm holding off moving to (either) Mylio or Capture One (from Aperture, via a disastrous Lightroom transition). Is 2016 realistic to see something?
  5. I really hope for the opposite! Since the demise of Aperture, OSX is really crying out for a replacement. A decent DAM with non-destructive editing. Capture One - limited DAM. Expensive. Lightroom - Very non-OSX like. Inflexible UI. Apple integration/workflow poor. Photos - very limited DAM. Not a lot of competition, so the market ripe for the taking...
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