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  1. nhannomad

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    @Patrick: Vietnam, but I buy it for a friend in the US as a holiday gift. I could access that page in the first time Serif introduced the book, not sure why I cannot now.
  2. nhannomad

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    @Patrick: still no, it's still the same Error 500 There was a problem handling your request
  3. nhannomad

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Hi, Just received the newsletter from Serif and found out the book is on discount again, but when I go to the book link, it always gives me an error page. Any ideas? I can access the AD Windows purchase page with no problem.
  4. Thanks Paoblo and Happy Birthday Serif!!!
  5. Keep making these nice courses, I have already bought them all. I will buy the next thing you release.
  6. nhannomad

    The Box Set by Wren

    I can't buy it, it says something about not available in my location.
  7. Just bought the course (I watched all your youtube channel videos), I'm going to to try out more in-depth lessons when I have free time. One problem, it seems that viewing on my iPad 3 gives a very low resolution (Udemy app) (240p i guess), i can't seem to find a way to switch to higher resolution, I'll be appreciate if anyone could point me a way.
  8. You contact itunes support, they might be able to help. Serif has no control over your purchase on the app store i guess
  9. nhannomad

    iCloud Drive Question

    @RNKLN: AF staffs are making a fix i think, in the meantime you could use Chechar method above for a work around.
  10. nhannomad

    iCloud Drive Question

    The problem is that iDraw, which I have both apps on iOS & OSX doesn't show up in iCloud Drive, and I only have iWork suite on OSX. Do you think it's the problem from Apple side?
  11. nhannomad

    iCloud Drive Question

    @MattP: i had to active pixelmator iPad for it to be visible
  12. nhannomad

    iCloud Drive Question

    Thanks Checha for a temp way solving this problem

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