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  1. Thanks for the link. That's a competent video about explaining the need to convert text and artwork to vector, but it doesn't address the step where the cut line is defined by the software. In Illustrator, a CutContour color swatch is used, and the shapes to be cut are stroked with that color. I haven't been able to get the color I set up in AD as CutContour to be recognized by VersaWorks. EDIT to add: Also, after opening a verified (and previously cut) Illustrator .eps file in AD with the outlines stroked with CutContour, then exporting it back out as an .eps from AD, the cut lines still aren't recognized by VersaWorks.
  2. @MickRose - I'd love to know how you achieved that. I've tried the same, but to no avail. Previous to today, I've been using Affinity Designer on my Mac for layout, then exporting .eps files to my Windows 10 PC, where I'd open it in Illustrator CS6, add the CutContour stroke, and save as Illustrator .eps for import into VersaWorks. But today, my Illustrator stopped working after a virus scan, and I thought I'd try exporting with the CutContour straight from AD. Not working, unfortunately.