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  1. I am having to use an old copy of lightroom because Affinity photo does not have this feature.
  2. i have just bought a few add-on's in the black Friday sale, they both say they are for Affinity photo and designer, but when i import them into designer it say x no brushes imported. But when you click on the brushes tab, they are not there. yet they have imported on Photo with no problems.
  3. sfb

    iPad or Not

    Thanks look like i need to update my ipad. next question which i should of asked when i posted. what is the minimum size 32GB
  4. Can some one tell me, what is the base iPad that can handle the Affinity range. I have an iPad but it is an older iPad 2 which maybe to old.
  5. It's maybe something for the future, as both light room and Photoshop have these templates but they also have the price tag, so you can't have everything. I will make a a range of templates in pageplus x9.
  6. Does Affinity Photo have temples similar to light room. for example when your kids come home with the school photos? It normally an A4 landscape with a large picture to the left 4 passport size pictures to the top right and under them is a cropped close up of the picture on the left etc.
  7. Hi Guys I would like to know if buy Affinity Photo and designer can i load them on my Office desk PC as well as my laptop. I have the old software photo plus and page plus. And you could load both software brands onto two machines.
  8. But that is not true SERIF. whither you are a mac or PC user if you buy it in the USA you pay $49.99 which at today exchange rate serif will get £40.07. or euro £42.71 everything else is the same. we have to Pay £48.99 it only a few quid more. it the principle of it.
  9. i just checked the pricing of the Affinity which is either £48.99 or $49.99 or euros 49.99 why do we pay more because we live in the uk.