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  1. Wow! I have never got it to work on my Mac. Affinity Photo always crashed when I tried to launch PortraitPro from AP's filters/plugins.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for your observation, but as far as I know, PortraitPro (I'm still on v.19) has never worked with Affinity Photo. Trying to do so on my Mac results in a crash.
  3. Do you mean the 'instructions' at the bottom left of the screen (see my illustration)? Indeed I can move the marquee simply by dragging, but cannot find how I can resize it. As soon as you stop holding down the mouse button, the size of the marquee remains unchanged. As I stated in my opening post, the Mac uses the spacebar, that you can hold down while keeping the mouse button pressed, and you simply move the marquee, whilst you can still resize it, as long as you haven't released the mouse button. This works on the Desktop (for instance, to make the appended screenshot) as well as in many other programs, including PS.
  4. Thanks, Psenda! I'll give that a try and will report back if it works (or not)!
  5. One of the things I do daily, and even on the Mac’s desktop is: - draw a rectangle around an object on screen, using the marquee (on the Mac’s desktop I use this for screenshots) - selection is not perfect, and can still be resized - but only in Affinity Photo the ‘marching ants’ cannot be moved and repositioned using the spacebar. Hope this is clear? Thanks!
  6. I have experienced quite some crashes myself with the official 1.9 version. But as I was experiencing crashes with some other programs at the same time, I forgot to look into that. Most issues with 1.9 disappeared when I logged out of my account. Startup of AP 1.9 was indeed so excruciating slow that I got a 'not responding' even before the program was open, and I had to Force-Quit. But after I was able to launch 1.9 successfully, and had logged out of my account, I have not experienced similar issues again.
  7. Downloaded and installed new build this morning: AP ß does no longer crash on my late 2012 iMac. Good job! I can start testing.
  8. That's something that I have been searching for ages! Photoshop can do that, but I also use the technique outside of Photoshop, on the Mac's Finder, e.g., when I'm making a screenshot. ⌘-4 allows me to select a region, and pressing down the spacebar allows me to move the selection, so that it fits exactly what I need copying.
  9. I'm also getting crashes with everything I try: opening a RAW file, opening a TIFF file, trying to create a new document. It's BAD_ACCESS whatever I try. Running APß (1.9.195) on a late 2012 iMac on Mojave 10.14.6 and 16GB RAM.
  10. I can confirm. Just tried on my Mac, but trying to import a brush (.abr) results in an error message: Running OS 10.14.6 and AP 1.7.2 Unexpected Brush Format. Failed to load file ........(name & path of brush)
  11. This phenomenon was reported on Facebook by Ann Harrison, but I could confirm it, and have furthermore recorded it using QuickTime. I was asked to report it here. Mac OS 10.13.6 and Affinity Photo 1.6.7. Using the paintbrush, clicking once to define a starting point, and shift-clicking elsewhere to draw a straight line, gives an unexpected result. Instead of the straight line between the two points, a different straight line is drawn. If you continue shift-clicking, the result will be as expected, but the first one is wrong. Click-ShiftClick.mov
  12. Wow, thanks! That's something I didn't think of myself. Great! Trying it out right away.
  13. Thanks for replying, IndigoMoon. I have read in another topic here that there is a guy who got the Nik Selective Tool working in Affinity through macros and through modifying a couple of config files. However, although I'm an advanced Mac user, I tend to stay away from such a solution, as I'm still using Photoshop besides Affinity Photo. In the former I dare consider myself an expert, in the latter I'm just a beginner. But you are indeed confirming that the brush cannot work without the Selective tool. Thanks again.
  14. Has anyone got the brush in Affinity Photo>Nik Collection? I am appending a screenshot of Analog Efex Pro 2, but it seems the same in all modules. Photoshop vs Affinity Photo
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