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  1. Title, I have 48GB space only left on my SSD, so am not sure if it is worth it to put it there. Are there going to be any noticeable performance improvements when using the program, other than just opening times? Thanks
  2. Photography is purely a hobby for me, and all I am interested in is a way to develop my RAW images and apply filters such as dehaze, etc. I refuse to pay for a subscription, Adobe. Affinity Photo looks attractive due to its price, but I was wondering which would be better for my use? Are there any particular advantages of lightroom for my specific use scenario? Thanks.
  3. Hi, So I'm here off the back of an - amazingly presented - YouTube advert for Affinity Photo. I am just starting to get into photography and would love a program to post-process my images. I've done a bit of research on this program and I must say it does look very good, especially at that price point, but I was just wondering if there are any notable features missing in this program that are present in photoshop. Or, even any features that this program has that photoshop doesn't. I've looked at the FAQ and haven't found this question there but feel free to remove this post mods and link me if there is a pinned thread somewhere. Thanks for any help :)
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply :) The only missing thing there that I'd want is non-destructive RAW editing - would you know are rough timescale for an update including that? Like,, a month, 6 months or a year? Thanks