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  1. Off the top of my hat:

    Affinity Photo misses:

    - 3d features

    - 3d printing features

    - animation, timeline

    - video timeline

    - scripting

    - 1bit and indexed bitmap support


    The things missing for photography:

    - smart objects and live smart filters (but Affinity Photo offers a wide range of non-destructive filters as well)

    - non-destructive RAW editing (which is to be added in a future version)

    - layer distortion (but a perspective filter is available)

    - duotones, tritones, or hexachrome support (which may be important to professional photographers looking to print their work at a high quality)

    - spot channels (which is forthcoming in a new version)



    Having said this, 3d in Photoshop is pretty terrible (you're better off downloading the free and open source Blender that is by FAR superior in this regard), and if you need video/animation much better free and commercial software is available as well. I never used the ones built into Photoshop - far too limiting in my opinion.


    Photoshop import is quite adequate, but understandably will always remain a hit and miss affair.


    On the other hand, a number of features arguably work better than the equivalent ones in Photoshop: for example the layer masks, the fact that all transformations are by default non-destructive, advanced layer blending, a nice curve option for anti-aliasing, the grid, 360degree photo editing (still a bit limited, though), and the way many tools are implemented.


    Roadmap: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10075-affinity-photo-feature-roadmap


    Thanks for the detailed reply :) The only missing thing there that I'd want is non-destructive RAW editing - would you know are rough timescale for an update including that? Like,, a month, 6 months or a year? Thanks

  2. Hi,


    So I'm here off the back of an - amazingly presented - YouTube advert for Affinity Photo. I am just starting to get into photography and would love a program to post-process my images. I've done a bit of research on this program and I must say it does look very good, especially at that price point, but I was just wondering if there are any notable features missing in this program that are present in photoshop. Or, even any features that this program has that photoshop doesn't.


    I've looked at the FAQ and haven't found this question there but feel free to remove this post mods and link me if there is a pinned thread somewhere. Thanks for any help :)


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