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  1. +1, this feature would be fantastic for processing my astrophotography images instead of having to flick between different programs...
  2. Hi, I'm very new to photo editing & I am having some difficulties in getting some tools to work in AP. I have already searched the forum for an answer but, nothing posted previously seems to fix the problem I am experiencing. I am trying to use the cloning tool to edit a photo & fix up a washed out area that has some features that are identical to another area of the photo which is not washed out. I have watched the tutorial on using the cloning tool but, simply cannot make it work. I have the original photo loaded (JPEG format & it is unlocked. It is labelled 'background (pixel). I create a new pixel layer; I select the cloning tool & adjust the size. I then use Alt - Click (using the option/alt key on a mac keyboard) to select my source & as mentioned in the video I see nothing when I move the mouse. So, as instructed in the video I go to the the drop down menu just right of centre towards the top of screen & select 'current layer & below' & hey presto, nothing changes. Whereas, in the tutorial video, the cloned area now shows up in the brush circle & can be placed wherever you want. Am I pressing the wrong buttons? Is my setup incorrect? Can anyone shed light on what I might be doing wrong please? Thankyou in advance
  3. Hi Lee, I can't say for certain that this was the issue as I thought I had the new pixel layer highlighted but, now I have got it working so, perhaps I was mistaken. Thankyou for the advice; it appears to be working as advertised now :) Regards