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  1. I created a text style, but I want to apply the same style in another project. On creating a new document the style doesn't load. I also cannot export the style from the first project. I expected the styles to be part of the program instead of having to import directly from other projects.
  2. I am trying to seperate a cmyk pdf file into seperate 4 color files. I refer to this video sent on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6ZnpCyPMz8 However the export file is always of combined quad color whichever channel i enable. What is the right way of getting a single channel to export into a single color file?
  3. Hello, I've just purchased this wonderful software. So many features. I'll use it mainly for editing equirectangular photos and instantly I can give a suggestion that would improve the browsing of the 360photo in live projection: allowing the fov to "zoom in/ out" by left clicking and draging the mouse would be significant Islander Mauritius

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