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  1. Hello again! Now I have experiment a lot with different file formats to achieve the best panorama. I exported raw files to 16 bit tiff as you suggest (135 Mb/image!!). Although I deliberately underexposed the raw files (no clipping highlights areas) the panorama had blown out highlights areas. From a technical point of view I was very disappointed. But from an artistic point of view I was quite satisfied. The blown out areas was very small and I vill make a big print of this panorama. Then I added the same raw files (not developed) the panorama hade even more blown out areas :-( My first panorama with jpg images (developed from raw) was better than raw. That was strange! I complained about clipped highlights on my first panorama from jpg (developed from raw). I was wrong. When I now used ”develop persona” and show clipped highlights I hade no clipped areas. My apologies… It vill take a few more days before I master this program ;-) But the overall image was overexposed.
  2. Hi Lee D and thank you for your advice! I have tried that workflow already. I developed raw images very carefully and exported them to jpg. Affinity photo stitched the images together in a good way. I was at first very pleased but then I realized that it have some ”auto level adjustment” as default in the process. My panorama was overexposed (the hi lights was blown out) and I become disappointed. Another person in this forum had the same issue (overexposed panorama) Is it possible to turn off this kind of ”auto level adjustment” in panorama? Some people may like this ”auto level” but most professionals don´t. They prefer consistency in the workflow instead. I vill try to export my images to Tiff format instead and hopefully I vill get a better result.
  3. Hi Affinity Photo and all the users! I love to make big panoramas. The function ”New panorama” works like magic :-) However, when I uses RAW files I wish Affinity could create a big panorama in the RAW format. Instead, in the process then it create a panorama its also apply a tone curve to the new panorama. Its like having an jpg images in front of me. I can´t recover any details in the hi lights and shadows for exempel. That is not professional! I have tried to use ”assistant option” : change tone curve ”take no action” and exposure ”take no action”. And when tried to make a panorama. But that does not work. I don’t get a panorama in raw… Is it possible to create a panorama in RAW? How? If not. I really wish that it will improve for the future Affinty photo 1.6! Best regards from Peter in Sweden. (Thanks for all the video tutorials. They have been very helpful. But not for this specific problem.)
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