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  1. Thanks for chiming in Michael, but this doesn’t address the request. What we’re looking for is to search for specific Pantone numbers within the existing palettes in Affinity on iPad.
  2. Great work Serif. Thank you for getting this out in a complete way, and on the iPad too. unsubscribing from this thread 😌
  3. I got a notification of a reply, but it's not showing here. Weird. >>Look at the bottom of the spot color list. The search box is there...even if the low-contrast hides it too well. I appreciate the reply. This is true on desktop, not so on iPad (forum: Affinity on iPad questions). Anyone else?
  4. Am I missing something? I need to find a specific Pantone number, I don't see a search box in the swatches and the Pantone swatches aren't listed numerically. How do I find my specific color? thanks -mat
  5. Yup, +1 on this. Work in Designer takes *so* much longer without good selection options. I'd love to see how other folks are working around it.
  6. I work in letterpress printing and screenprinting and use 1 bit mode every day. Please include this feature. Reiterating what others have said: Letterpress require a solid, no line screen image to make clean film for plates. We, too, scan calligraphy for invitations at 1200dpi for high resolution platemaking. In PS I scan>convert to greyscale>play with levels, then Threshold>convert to bitmap. Then I colorize with spot (Pantone) colors in layout software. I've been doing this for close to 20 years (yikes) and am happy to consult to bring this feature to Affinity. thanks!
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