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  1. Thanks. I agree it would be nice! I can add keywords in another app i have but just thought to do it all in one would be good.
  2. Thanks firstdefence for your quick reply. That answers part of my question as I now know where to find the exif details. :-) But is sounds that it is not possible to add keywords---unless you know better? Cheers.
  3. I am trying once more to get to grips with Affinity Photo and have a question about metadata. How can I view the metadata of a photograph and to add keywords?
  4. Thanks guys I have gone the tuxedo route as suggested by James and changed the RAW engine and all now seems well :) The particular camera I used here was a Samsung Lumix pocket camera, not my normal Canon 80D so I guess that that was the problem. Much obliged for your rapid assistance.
  5. I am interested in this and would find it useful as a quick find feature so would like to see it in a future upgrade please. At the moment I use a little app called Contact Page but it would be much better integrated into Affinity.
  6. Sorry that there are two photos posted, my mistake! if you click on one of them of them you will get a better view of what I mean.
  7. When I open any photo in Affinity I get an image as shown here with what I can only call, for want of a better description, "corrupted edges”. Why should this be and how can I avoid this? Nany thanks.
  8. Thank you guys for your most helpful replies, I will try them and see what is my preferred method. Cheers :)
  9. Sorry just realised that this should be in Questions, is there a way for me to move it?
  10. I have returned to trying Affinity after quite a while as when I first tried it I just could not work it out, (guess the learning curve was too steep for me back then) but now I am determined to conquer it as I refuse to pay Adobe any more. Bearing this in mind please treat me as a newbie! I lke to apply a vignette to most of my photographs and in Lightroom I had a preset of -11 to do it with a click of a button but I am bewildered how to do this in Affinity, I can’t even find a vignetting tool! Also can anyone point me to where I can learn about presets in Affinity please? Many thanksl for any help. Cheers.
  11. The ability to attach keywords to photos would be most useful, please consider it for a future release. Thanks.
  12. I am seriously considering migrating from Lightroom to Affinity but my biggest concern is how I will keep track of all my photographs both past and in the future. Hence my question: How do I keep track of all my photos in Affinity?
  13. Thanks crabtree for this, it certainly looks as though it could fit the bill. It wonder if you could outline your workflow from image capture through processing in Affinity to exporting to Slides? That would be helpful. Cheers, Andrew-Bede
  14. At the moment it does not appear that there is a cataloguing system available in Affinity, although I note that it is possibly in the pipeline, so how do folk currently catalogue their photos? I wonder if anyone is using the Apple app 'Photos' or what else can folk suggest? My aim is to eventually get rid of Lightroom which at the moment I use to catalogue my images. Andrew-Bede
  15. I am making a determined effort to wean myself off of Adobe Creative Cloud, (Lightroom & Photoshop) and replace them with Affinity Photo but I am worried about losing the ability to use Photoshop plugins, (Nik & Topaz Collections) if I unsubscribe from Adobe Creative Cloud. Am I right to assume that if I do unsubscribe from CC it will not affect my usage of the plugins in Affinity Photo? Many thanks for advice. Andrew-Bede
  16. Allsop

    Sky Replacement

    Thanks for this—you are a star. :)
  17. Allsop

    Sky Replacement

    I do not know whether ir not this is the right place for this but here goes! Anyone know if there is an easy way to replace a sky in Affinity or if there is a plugin available that will help do it? Cheers.
  18. Thanks to all your help especially JasperD I have managed to get Nik & most of Topax plugins to work :-) One further question though, when I try to use the Topaz Remask 4 plugin I get a message that asks me to "unlock transparency”, how do I do this? Once more thanks for all the help that has been given here.
  19. Can someone please explain in easy steps just how to install the plugins? Sorry to be thik about this :-(
  20. Could you please explain what you mean by and how to add the support directories? Thanks.
  21. Well I do not have any experience of application other than Adobe so I can not help here, sorry. But I do think that you should at least aim to be as good as Photoshop—if you do not aim high you will not achieve high! Are you able to confirm , however, that you are working on adding plugin support for Nik and Topaz?
  22. Ideally I would like to have seen the plugin issue resolved before going prime time but as it has not then until it is I will only be using Affinity as second to Lightroom & Photoshop.
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