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  1. I initially could not see the download link or message, then I tried going into the menus: Help > Welcome... And one of the splash images contained the Free Content Download link. I hope this helps PS. I'm on a Windows 7 system, and as soon as I clicked the link was taken to a "Your Order Summary" page, from where I was able to order the free content, and am downloading as I type.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Alberto, a former wedding photographer, and current DSLR lens repair technician. I have been working with photography and a bit of graphic design since the early 90s, but the type of photography I really enjoy is landscapes. It gives me serenity that I could never get from shooting weddings! I have used the other guys' photo editing software for around 24 years, and absolutely hated the subscription model when it was introduced. Then I saw Affinity Photo on the Mac and was so jealous that it wasn't offered on Windows at the time. But now that it is, I couldn't be happier! I can use all of my plugins, with the exception of one: Andromeda Cutline. It's an old plugin, and the company has stopped development of that plugin back in 2014. Every time I try to use it Affinity Photo crashes :-( Luckily it's is very rare that I use that plugin, so I am in no rush to get this resolved. I have yet to tap all the features of Affinity Photo, but look forwards to learning!