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  1. What is absolutely a "daily" stuff? For someone a tracer is not a "daily" stuff, for some other it's a "daily" stuff For example i use daily a tracer and I would like to find it directly in Designer without need to open other programs, also if we talk about of the best tracer in the world. Sure, if you can give to me a freeware, fastest and superb tracer, I could think to use it I use Inkscape from the 0.7 ver. It's a great program but is really slow and unstable yet.
  2. Free alternative is not a solution but a placebo or excuse. I don't know why is so difficult when also Serif DrawPlus, Inkscape or other very simple programs have it. Btw this should be a post to let Affinity know how much they are in favor of introduction of this function, not to justify their lack. This kind of comments make you lose interest
  3. Hi @MEB, thank you and yes, I used Library Panel, as reported in quick guide of the free contents and as you said. You can see the Library Panel opened in my screenshot. From there I used Import Macros, but appear that error. Can you help me also with the problem of brushes in design?
  4. Good morning, I bought 1.5 first and now the new 1.6 version of affinity photo and designer. I downloaded the new 1.6 with free contets directly from your website, but when I try to install the macros in Photo I receive an error (attached). In A designer I import brushes but I can't see and use its. How can I solve the problems? Thanks
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