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  1. Ok I got the problem (I mean a little) Once I click on Develop button, I go back to Photo Persona and the file is now showed : RVBA/16 profoto RGB If i click again to go back to the raw dev button : Develop Persona, I have a good histogram and the picture format is : RVBA/16 - Profoto RGB not anymore in RVBA 32bits. I think the dev tool must "detect" the good numbers of bits of the picture to avoid this problem ?! It's a little stupid to do that but I found a fix : open .NEF, then click develop to go to Photo Persona, then click on the button Develop Persona to go back to the RAW develop tool and have a good histogram ;) :) :) :)
  2. Oh and I think the problem is with the RVBA/32 (HDR) - RAW format. If I have a look to the pictures that Mike hosted, I see that there is no PB with the Develop tool in Adobe RGB 16bits. My .NEF from D750 are in 14bits something like that in Adobe RGB. In Photoshop, or LR, I have a camera raw in Profoto RGB 16bits. not important news for the problem : I setup affinity to use Profoto RGB too (of course).
  3. Hello, I have same problems with .NEF files from D750 ... :( histo is on the left, unsuable, it's a problem to developp and work with affinity photo for me right now .... I'll try to use it when the problem will be fixed.

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