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  1. You can also: Convert a shape to curves Select a node Click on "open the curve" or equivalent Move/delete the red node (in this example, deleting the 2 nodes)
  2. 1. And don't work in Preview mode, it's a means to check the end result, but not good for working with precision (View > Preview mode). 3. There's a bug and recent posts about this. 5. Try to select your word and in the Character panel apply the "No break" option. 6. There are discussions about this too…
  3. It all depend of the number of fonts missings and the number of modifications. If I only miss font for titles (or few and small parts of text) and don't need to modify them (or only need to correct a simple typo), I convert the fonts to curves in a copy of this document with InkScape, open the original PDF in AD or APub, and copy-paste the needed curves on the pages, hidding or deleting the text frames for those. If it involve a lot of text and corrections, the client need to provide the corrected PDF, or accept to use another font or buy the one needed.
  4. I'm not sure we need another of these: https://www.customshow.com/best-powerpoint-alternatives-presentation-programs/ At the bottom we can read: EDIT: And I would add that when I need to do a presentation, I usually create a PDF that can be easily opened everywhere, and don't need to read doc to remember how to do this effect or this one. But I certainly miss some important features that pro creating presentations use all the time
  5. You need to redraw the ellipses (1) before mergin them and applying a gradient (2) (if it's where you want it):
  6. It can be annoying, being able to keep the stroke width using a modifier key while clicking on another brush, or checking a case to prevent it would be helpfull.
  7. What I means is, that sometimes, when I can't copy some invisible (and I don't talk about hidden characters, but some that aren't visible as with a bad UTF8 conversion, when there are 3 characters in "Åæ " (random characters for example), I usually copy more text in the search input: "characters_beforeÅæ characters_after" and I delete from the field: "characters_before" and "characters-after". It's possible only if something is pasted in the field, if not, there's nothing to erase, of course. And APub replacing some characters by buttons instead of keeping good old "\t" or readable characters doesn't help. I didn't know about WordPerfect and this feature, it sounds interesting! Cleaning poorly set documents (before or after importing in layout application), can be difficult. I'm always wondering how people end up with such files…
  8. Can't you copy-paste it in the search & replace panel doing a wider selection "o...in" and deleting the "o" and "in" in the search input to only keep this control character and replace it?
  9. Perhaps this? There are different size effect or colours on the letters. motionBlur_tests.afpub
  10. Usually, I was able to open usual files (not proprietary ones), and if it wasn't possible, one of my image viewer was able to convert it to another format. I don't have time to search those formats for testing, but if you provide some samples I can try to open them.
  11. A proper workflow is to "archive" or whatever it is called depending of the apps, that means after a work is finished, exporting to a new folder in which resources will be properly copied in subfolders: images (if linked), fonts, and extra data (for print, for font kerning, etc.). When people only send/share the main file, it's a pain and an error… but after working a long time doing this, I keep hoping they'l learn to do it properly (or they'll be pestered until they do it properly!) On my last year on Mac, it was nearly impossible to copy fonts when needing to give a work to a coworker, etc. There wasn't piracy involved but work and people installing only a limited amount of fonts for performance purpose. It end up with us creating a shared folder on a server with all the fonts so we could find the missing ones easily. Sometimes, hiding or prohibiting actions are worst when it's complicating a workflow. Perhaps there would be complication for Affinity with this? And what happen when a font is bugged or in conflict with installed font? Would this font be available automatically for AD or AP if we need to create a new file with it? And if we need this font to be installed for working in the document (or it wouldn't display), should we search manually and send the fonts too? If fonts are embedded (and don't need an installed file), can we simply copy some text and paste it in a new document to keep on using this font? Fonts can be a problem usually, but I'm worried it would be worst with embedded fonts.
  12. Here some AFBRUSHES versions: WG_Watercolor_1.afbrushes wet-paint-stroke-brushes.afbrushes Vector Brushes.afbrushes roughEdges_richardStelmach.afbrushes__P_R_E_T_T_Y___C_I_R_C_L_E_S_by_For_Certain.afbrushes
  13. Best known or curiosities depend of the type of work we do, since I don't know some of your well known and some of the other ones are good old fellows and day to day work companions You can export to those formats (and open more than the ones listed to export):
  14. Currently, there's a bug in all the last versions of the apps that can't import anymore ABR brushes (something to do with not importing corrupted brushes, that ended with no import at all ). Try to download and reinstall an earlier version to import them (and export them to AFBRUSHES if you need to use the last version of the app, and import those AFBRUSHES files).
  15. Yes, it's highlighted at the bottom of the screen, and the other are listed too. And it replaces with a simple space. Perhaps restarting APub will solve your problem?
  16. Hi, I think it's the "contigous" option you need to deselect. Depending of the logo, it can be faster to use the filter "remove white paper" (and if there was simple white areas in the logo that should be kept, to add/paint them on a layer below before merging them).
  17. Hi, It would be usefull if the apps could highlight missing fonts in the documents (AD and AP don't have Fonts manager), and it can be difficult when opening an old file to remember which and where are those missing fonts. (Sometimes we have no times for reading the alerts and searching the fonts at the moment, we just open a file in the background).
  18. And another usefull feature would be for the apps (AP, AD, APub), to be able to hightligh missing fonts (no fonts manager in AD or AP).
  19. Or, instead of embedding fonts, do the same as ID: the app can import fonts if they are in a special folder named "Document fonts" and placed with the document. It's really helpfull, especially when needing to open archives on an external hard drive or from a server. You open the file, copy what you need, modify, etc., close the file and it's done without complication.
  20. Hu... Do you try to do it in a harder way than typing 2 spaces in the search field?
  21. I suppose I clicked on different results in the list, not following the order of those results. If I have time, I'll test again this week-end. It just happened that few queries later, I realized all the text was a mess, and the querie was someting like replace " ([;:!?»])" by "~s$1". (sorry for "~s", not being able to write or read regular expressions because there's no text equivalent is a pain, like needing to click on a button for entering a small width non-breaking space => this means that if there's no equivalents, it'll be difficult to script when scripts are available).
  22. Remembering the last x queries and replacements would be espected.
  23. It happens too on Windows. Usually I test to replace few occurences, clicking on the results listed in the panel, and if I click "replace all", the replacements are wrong. (At the moment, I thought it was more my error than a bug, but it could be improve or prevent pehaps?). I didn't kept the file but started from scratch, without keeping the step by step in mind.
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