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  1. Channels are usefull when you can have good contrats, here, we can see JPEG artifacts, and the image seems to be an already cut out image flattened on a grey background (worst colour for contrast since all channel have the same amount of colour with a neutral grey), and exported as lower resolution.

  2. On 9/11/2019 at 5:10 PM, Petar Petrenko said:

    But translating foreign languages just to see what the author had to say and even with "Google Translate" which is not good enough... It will turn into galimatias if everybody starts to write in its mother tongue.

    That's not the first post in another language, and there are longer than this one you didn't complain about.

    We can manage and translate those post if we want, or not and let people who are able to reply do it since they'll use better sentence that what can be produce by Google translate about technical terms specific to fields or applications that'll end up as galimatias.

    Some can read and reply in English, but not all of us, and we can be suspicious of Google translate… some translations are more fun than accurate.


    Most of the time, people able to help in the OP language will do it, if they don't miss the post, and that's a nice side of this forum.

  3. Hi,

    On AD .445 (because some bugs prevent me to use last versions), it's impossible to add a second style with a stroke of a different width, and the only solution is to add a new category to save this style.

    But there's another bug: I tried again today — why not? another day, another AD behaviour?! — to add another stroke with a different width and a different pressure curve, and this actions deleted all styles from the 2 previous categories with styles of the same ilk!!!!

    Going back in the history or reopening the file didn't restored the styles in those categories.


  4. 8 hours ago, princatko said:

    have you touch the mask after the Refine edge?

    No, I didn't, that's why there some errors, like the "Y" and the ">", and some part on the arms.

    This isn't enough for complexe hair… that's always a pain to do. With those, perhaps doing a selection from the channel, and using this selection and a black brush on the mask can help. But if the hair and the background a in similar tones, it's nearly impossible to do. At least for me :S

  5. 8 hours ago, tariq said:

    I think this is a bug in AP - if you "try new styles option and unset theme again" but don't "click OK" - they don't seem to go away from that big list.... so they accrete as you experiment ..

    That's tricky in other apps too. With APub you need to select back "no change" or similar, but the best is to apply again the based on style, and do the few modifications before creating the new style.

    Another solution is to use the "Reset formatting" button before modifying the style (perhaps keeping the style on another paragraph to check the parameters):


    Usually, once I've got a test paragraph with nice modifications, I would create a new paragraph with pure "cck_Body", apply only the  needed modifications using the Paragraph or Character panel, (checking with the test paragraph if needed), and once done, use the "Add para/char style" buttons in the Text styles panel.

  6. 21 hours ago, Jeremy Bohn said:

    nor can I understand why anyone would want that

    It's very usefull since you know how many lines of text you need your editor or client to suppress so it will fit on your page, or you know how many lines you need to recover (using different tricks like tighter justification here and there) in the previous pages for your text to end at this point.

    No need to expand the frame to check how many lines are out… and resize it one it's done.

  7. @princatko Hi,

    Here the files, I mainly adjusted the one on white background for the hairs, and completely forget to check the masks —as can be seen with rhis screenshot! — but the selections weren't bleeding like yours. Try to modify some parameters in the reffine panel.

    We don't need a perfect selection, the outside is covered with the layer without "white paper", this one is only to have the inside on white background easily. If there's a little bit transparency on some hairs, it should feel more natural on another colour, since usually this colour appears in the hairs.

    2019-09-05_220358_cr.png.4049cf2ecdb1637f8497c4de518f04bb.png Speed = errors :P


    The channels can be effective, especially when working in CMYK, when needing to select the sky: using the yellow channel help a lot. It's not helpfull with hairs or faces that contains a lot of subtle colours, unless you need to correct a bad picture with red faces! I use less this technique in AP since I don't find it as easy than with another app.a

  8. 4 and 6 minutes.

    I'll post later the AP files, not time for upload huge files, I need to go to work :S


    Details :

    Most of the time is spend using the selection brush in a smaller size than needed, perhaps, and processing the reffine selection on my not too performant PC.

    1. Dupplicate layer.

    2. Apply erase white paper on the bottom layer.

    3. Selection brush on the top layer, reffine selection to selection.  Shrink selection -1. Add a mask.

  9. 10 minutes ago, WJC said:

    2. Test Wrap? So far, I can select an image and tell the program how I want the text wrap handled and nothing happens.

    Try looking at the Text frames panel if the option "ignore text wrap" isn't checked.



    For the other questions, I'm not sure I understand them: when I click on an image and drag it out of the page, it comply!

    Perhaps you pin it (a blue line should show where it's put in your text, where there's a blur pin) or put it inline in your text (if you try to drag it, a red cross will appear with your cursor)?
    Is one of those icons active when you select it?



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