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  1. I'm sure that big companies — some still using old CS applications since CC licences for everyone is too much a cost — would be happy to upgrade tu APub.

    They'll have to keep somme CC licences to check on illustrations and to keep on using their archived files, but if APub is good enougth it'll be a good choice.

    If APub include regular expressions and easy scripting (as in ID with multiplatforms Javascript), it won't be a problem.


    Another question is : will Affinity apps be teached in schools and when people will send Affinity files for better integration/modifications as they send .ai or .psd files ?

  2. Hello,

    Multiples clipping paths, multi alpha channels and bitmap are importants features we need, since we use them in QXpress, inDesign and we can't spend time converting archives or completly redo old worflow/files.

    Another important feature would be to retrieve Photoshop .psd and .tif files with layers, alphas and paths easily.

    We used those tricks for years because they are time saver, instead of exporting alphas or path as we did 20+ years ago !

    Affinity Photo and Designer are really interesting apps, but iit's impossible for now to only use them.

  3. On 07/09/2017 at 10:40 AM, Chris_K said:

    Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".


    If I read this correctly, this means Photo or Designer won't be able to display embeded fonts as vectors or pixels ?

    This is a problem, since for stopping using other applications, we need to be able to replace them entirely, and in the print workflow, we need to modify some PDF files from clients at the last minute and we need this feature.

    (Fonts opened as vectors or pixels, at least.)


  4. Hi,


    First thing to say : thanks for those applications !


    And the bug :

    Images with vertial and horizontal lines don't display correctly afer rotation or straightening.


    If I export as JPG, the new JPG image is good (smooth lines), but the .afdesign file display is terrible (as if part of the image were move to the left, top, etc.)

    Same display after closing/reopening the .afdesign file.





    PS. Files attached are screenshots of a detail.





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