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  1. Grouping adjustments is usefull to have a clean layer panel easy to navigate with groups named accordingly to purpose, containing various layers and adjustments. It's an usual use of groups. Like adding mask to this group, that can contain a refined selection of a part of the general image.

    A fill layer is only a way to have a modifiable colour or gradient on a specific area.

    17 hours ago, GabrielM said:

    fill layer and adjustments without image layers doesn't make sense

    For you perhaps. But when groups of adjustments weren't working anymore on the layers below, we had a huge thread about it being a bug and a lot of us complained about broken workflow and unusable files created with the older rreleases.

  2. Yes, I already complained about this, a "fileName" + "_modified" would be better than "<untitled>" (since it had a name!!!), having to search the original folder to get back the original file's name, copy the path to replace or save it as a new file at the same location is annoying.

    It's worst when you used a global search to open the file from the results (you didn't opened the folder).

    It's worst since AP/AD/APub always want to save in the last used folder instead of the file's folder (we end up with files saved in the wrong project's folders and need to move them).

  3. 4 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    I am guessing you created the file using the new Windows 1.8 beta, yes?

    Yes, and like you, I didn't read about modifying them, and until now it was possible to importe Beta brushes to regular app. I've got the same error tryingto import in the regular app.

    And I had a bug creating some of them: I couldn't apply "repeat" instead of stretch with some PNG images exported from AD.

  4. Strange, but the brushes exported from the Bêta can't be imported in the regular AD.

    Try creating vector brushes with the option "New Textured Intensity Brush". The "New Textured Image Brush" will paint the image (black slash on a white bachkground), and is more usefull for real images to paint patterns.

    With transparent background:


    Here some versions made with non Bêta AD: (You'll have to adjust the spacing, and it's easier with the vector brushes since you can set it in pixels, than with the pixels brushes in percents. Perhaps for those using 2 slashes images would be better).



    Try to use inverted (white slash on black background) images  for vector brushes, or black slash on transparent background for pixel brushes (New Intensity Brush option).

    On the brush panel, if the brush is a white pattern, you'll be able to use a colour when painting. If it's a black pattern, it'll paint in black (black pattern on white: it'll paint this black pattern on white).




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