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  1. 10 hours ago, Gabe said:

    and change any parameters, you should no longer have a selection in the brush panel. This is expected because you're not using any of those brushes, but a modified version of one that's there.

    Sorry, but that's the first time I read such thing. All other program keep the brush selected, since unless you save all sizes, all pressure options, or whathever option you're able to modify to end up with the proper needed stroke, modifying a brush you're using is part of the process.

    And there's no way we can remember, only looking  at a stroke which brush we're using when we have a lot of categories, containing each one at least a dozen of brushes…

    This isn't the first thread asking for this feature, and it's not because we are inept pseudo-artists, but because we're use to take  brush, real or virtual, and tweak and adjust it to obtain some result.  But in the end, we know which brush we've got in the hand.


    It's a simple feature, simpler than being able to have the tool able to retrieve the same settings than a previous stroke, as asked on another thread.

  2. 7 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    To see which one is selected can't you look in the Brushes panel?

    Once you've switch to another brush tool like the Eraser or the Smooth tool brush, or switch back to the Brush tools, no brush is selected in the Brushes panel. The only way to modify the brush you're using is clicking on the button "More" in the contextual options at the top. And it doesn't display more than in my screenshot.

    …unless you keep it open and select another brush: this time, it's displaying the same informations as modifying a brush from the Brush panel.

    It's a bug, not the one I thought, but another one.


  3. An olg bug or lack of feature is that we can't see which brush is selected. But I was able to look at its name when modifying it before.

    But with the last Bêta (AD and AP), I can only read: "Pinceau - selection / Brush - selection) when I modify a brush (or open its settings to look at its name)!


    The name of the brush, and why not the category should be display on the brush' settings panel (Category - name). An option to  keep the same brush, same size, etc. with the different Brush Tools would be nice too, since it's when I needed to know which brushes I was using with the other Tools. (And spend time selecting and resizing other brushes).

    Improvements to the Brushes would be:

    • Displaying the name of the selected brush when modifying it
    • Highlight of the selected brush in the  brushes panel
    • An option in the context toolbar to keep the same brush with same setting (size, opacity, flow…) when switching brush tools

    If those options were available, I would have spend less time selecting and adjusting brushes in my last works!



  4. 16 minutes ago, garrettm30 said:

    So it looks like the number keys above the letters and the number keys in the num pad are treated as separate shortcuts in Publisher on Windows

    No, if I use  keys &é"'(-è_çà, who become numbers only using the shift key, it's the same as hiting the numeric pad, shortcut are "ctrl+1, ctrl+2, etc.", when using those shortcut with QXP on Mac was reconized as "ctrl+num pad 1", for example.

    Theorically, those keys should be different, (different codes), but I don't have anymore a program to check those values (values of key, not result displayed after hitting them ).

  5. This seems logical: with a vector object, the gradient is a property of this object and can be retrieve, modified and save as a gradient, on a pixel layers, there are only values for pixels, you can't edit the gradient later, like when applying a gradient to a mask. So you can't memorize the gradient you used on those pixels since it was merge with the values of the pixels.


    It is added to the "Recend used colours", if you apply it to a vector object, you should be able to save it.

  6. The other solution is to create Character styles and use other shortcuts (I usually use ctrl+numeric pad number for [ italic | bold italic | bold ], and for variants like medium or black ctrl+alt+ num pad or ctrl+shift+num pad, etc.).

    You can asign shortcut to the Paragraph|Character styles. 


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