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  1. This seems logical: with a vector object, the gradient is a property of this object and can be retrieve, modified and save as a gradient, on a pixel layers, there are only values for pixels, you can't edit the gradient later, like when applying a gradient to a mask. So you can't memorize the gradient you used on those pixels since it was merge with the values of the pixels.


    It is added to the "Recend used colours", if you apply it to a vector object, you should be able to save it.

  2. Hum… I'm not sure what you want to do. Text frames are for text to adjust to frame, the frames delimiting the columns width or height needed. There are few cases when you need the frame to be adjusted to the text, or you would use Artistic text.

    With artistic text, you won't have overflow if you decide to have a larger font and modify the Paragraph Style. If you keep your frames heights wider, you won't have overflow either.

    For this case, I'd rather use frames of the size of the blue rectangles, with text centered horizontaly and verticaly.



    With real column/paragraphs of text, double-clicking behave as expected.


  3. The other solution is to create Character styles and use other shortcuts (I usually use ctrl+numeric pad number for [ italic | bold italic | bold ], and for variants like medium or black ctrl+alt+ num pad or ctrl+shift+num pad, etc.).

    You can asign shortcut to the Paragraph|Character styles. 

  4. Grouping adjustments is usefull to have a clean layer panel easy to navigate with groups named accordingly to purpose, containing various layers and adjustments. It's an usual use of groups. Like adding mask to this group, that can contain a refined selection of a part of the general image.

    A fill layer is only a way to have a modifiable colour or gradient on a specific area.

    17 hours ago, GabrielM said:

    fill layer and adjustments without image layers doesn't make sense

    For you perhaps. But when groups of adjustments weren't working anymore on the layers below, we had a huge thread about it being a bug and a lot of us complained about broken workflow and unusable files created with the older rreleases.


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