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  1. Hi, "Background dither" is the name of a regular pixel layer on which he use the healing brush. Look at the Layer panel screenshot on page 259.
  2. It's used on other apps this way, so it would be confusing to modify this behaviour. And I usually use ctrl/cmd/alt + number for applying characters or paragraphs styles, or diplaying color channel. Perhaps you can reassign those shortcuts on yours applications ? (I can't check right now if it's possible).
  3. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I don't think they can read thoses files, but some preview image or PDF preview embedded in them.
  4. Can't you use the export Persona for part of those exports ? First you create and save different export options (i.e. for specific PDF with specific resolution). You can export differents formats at the same moment and save this configuration too (i.e. my "PNG-PDF-SVG"). You can set different sizes (×2, ×3… or specific width or height) but I'm not sure if /2 is possible.
  5. Hi, Perhaps you need to search more about PDF options and learn how to parameter your programs. And ask more informations from your printers. PDF version 1.3 (also called PDF/X-1a:2003) is an option in the PDF export settings. You'll have to select the right parameters (ask more details from your printer needs) and right ICC profile, and save the Exportation profile for later use. In example, some of my parameters and ID PDF export tip about PDF 1.3 :
  6. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I agree. I never learned appleScript since it was OS specific and it wasn't as interesting as scripting is in Javascript with ID. (and since Javascript is easy to use, and learn, that's a good point). The important parts I was missing with QXP was reason to use scripts, and regular expressions. Since I switched to ID, I can use both, and it's really important to improve worflow, when working on monthly magazines or bigger catalogues. QXP was better for some parts, but it would be difficult now to work without scripts and find/replace with regular expressions. The way ID use them to apply character styles is really important too. Those are time savers.
  7. Hi, I 've got the same problem (for 2 weeks now) with Affinity Photo and Designer on Windows 10 at work (company licences). I'm not sure I had a Windows update the day before, I didn't installed anything else, and they worked fine for monthes. The 1.6.4 versions can't start too. The strange part is : sometimes, one of the applications lauch correctly when I need it in the middle of the day, but not the second one. I tried starting them first thing after booting, and they have better chances to launch properly. (Since people had problems with fonts, perhaps Extensis Fontcase cause troubles ? ). Twice, I was able to lauch one of the app, the error message opened behind and I didn't saw it, and I was able to work with local files, but unable to access the server (But other apps and Eplorer had access to our server). Reseting the prefs didn't help. I can't re-install them, since I would have to ask my IT and we have no time right now for tests and such, but I sent a lot of reports. The "repare" option didn't help. -- I never had such problems with the same apps on individual licences installed on Windows 7. I hope you'll find a solution for different bugs on Win 10.
  8. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    For me, that's not beginning from scratch, since the previous app PP gave a lot of trial and errors, to do/not to do, etc. for planning and thinking about what should be APub. Looking at other programs can help too. I don't think at APub as a beginner tool, or a new app to compare with other ones that do half the job too. AP and AD are succesfull enought to proove that they are good programs and there's a public for them: for companies and people working on their own. Such success (and expectations, as in this thread) should improve what was the first project for APub. I know I won't be able to do what I did on Xpress or what I do now with ID, since a lot of features can't be expected with a version 1, but I can hope for more I said "teaching", but "showing" is more what I was thinking. I wasn't teached Xpress at school, or other apps, I learned with books and doing my own work…But if we were curious and adventurous and able to test programs and OS because it was possible, I'm not sure people do this a lot today. Here in France, they forget to teach about using tools but tend to teach to use specific applications from specific big companies. When I tried Affinity' apps, instead of curiosity, questions and such I was expecting from people doing the same job, I was told : "If 'they' make us change app at work, I'll quit". (About the mantra: alas! it isn't dead yet… I hear it from lot of young — and not so young — people a lot) Since some training centre/seminars (?) — "centre de formation" — are planning to add Affinity's program in their sessions, I thougth it was logical that i.e. schools used those apps too: we expect people knowing how to use Adobe's products to easily use Affinity's products, why not the other way around ? And like you nitro912gr, long ago we swithed between Windows and Linux, playing game on the 1st and testing, coding or using Gimp on the second… we used Mac too, all is only tools to play with
  9. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I'm sure that big companies — some still using old CS applications since CC licences for everyone is too much a cost — would be happy to upgrade tu APub. They'll have to keep somme CC licences to check on illustrations and to keep on using their archived files, but if APub is good enougth it'll be a good choice. If APub include regular expressions and easy scripting (as in ID with multiplatforms Javascript), it won't be a problem. Another question is : will Affinity apps be teached in schools and when people will send Affinity files for better integration/modifications as they send .ai or .psd files ?
  10. Hello, Multiples clipping paths, multi alpha channels and bitmap are importants features we need, since we use them in QXpress, inDesign and we can't spend time converting archives or completly redo old worflow/files. Another important feature would be to retrieve Photoshop .psd and .tif files with layers, alphas and paths easily. We used those tricks for years because they are time saver, instead of exporting alphas or path as we did 20+ years ago ! Affinity Photo and Designer are really interesting apps, but iit's impossible for now to only use them.
  11. Hello, If I read this correctly, this means Photo or Designer won't be able to display embeded fonts as vectors or pixels ? This is a problem, since for stopping using other applications, we need to be able to replace them entirely, and in the print workflow, we need to modify some PDF files from clients at the last minute and we need this feature. (Fonts opened as vectors or pixels, at least.)
  12. Hi Chris, Yes, I discovered and did this just after posting, and I'm sorry I couldn't delete the post, my bad ! At first, I thought it was strange for a graphic application to display "low mode" by default, but it can be helpful on old hardware. Thanks for your reply, Swo.
  13. Hi, First thing to say : thanks for those applications ! And the bug : Images with vertial and horizontal lines don't display correctly afer rotation or straightening. If I export as JPG, the new JPG image is good (smooth lines), but the .afdesign file display is terrible (as if part of the image were move to the left, top, etc.) Same display after closing/reopening the .afdesign file. Swo. PS. Files attached are screenshots of a detail.

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