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  1. Or we should be able to import a palette in another color palette, those of same type (normal | global…) and names being kept or replaced depending of options all | none | choose. For now, when importing another palette in a document that already have one, it's adding a second document's palette, and that's not really usefull.
  2. It was a try to add some hope and fun in an answer to post about how a version 1 of an app isn't as complete as a v. 9 or v. 12 of others apps. But there's already a lot of posts about how features aren't implemented fast enought and which feature each one of us deems most important to ba added first. Serif also did a threat to discuss next features and added some videos to show they are making progress. I understand your frustration, but if you can use another app while waiting for new features, that's nice. Rome wasn't made in a day and all of us are waiting next updates like children on christmas eve. Cheers, we'll have more features when Serif'll be happy they're behaving as expected. But good work need time, and we should stay patient.
  3. A solution is to use 2 maps: one with strokes for the details, and a white one below with big areas on which you can clip colored parts. royaumeuni23.afdesign
  4. This example could be use to design part of them: Textualis. And the capitals look a lot like the terrible Old English font + embellishments
  5. I like it a lot, it's impressive and shows how talented you are for designing fonts. But it's not to show off your skills, but to be read and at the end to give a nice feel. For now, I think each line is difficult to read, because there're too much angles. For a better lisibility and less strain while reading, some part should be more rounded. As an example, you can look at the gothic calligraphy: at first, it was really usefull to write a lot of text on a page, with a lot of similar strokes and gestures (faster to write). Example of gothic. But it was difficult to distinguish characters, difficult to read. This leads to add point on the "i" and accents and ponctuation, etc. Other versions, more rounded were easier to read (example). Your poster would benefit more round characters for diversity and more readability. Another way to improve lisibility would be to add a little bit more space in some "s", "e", "y", "c"… each time a character is "cut". A little more space too between the 3 parts of your "T", in "The". Again, lowering a little bit the second "-" of the "E" in "Est." And putting the "MOTO SICKLES" more to the right?
  6. Some basics about perspective can be helpfull to do the top and put your label. Using a simple design in AD and modifying it in AP (perspective tool), to get roughtly the intersection points before repositionning the vector in AD can help for this sort of work. Here a roughly made sketch with a basic perspective point. perspective.afdesign
  7. Wosven

    Transform anchor versatility

    No problem, sometimes we use longer pathes than necessary!
  8. Wosven

    Transform anchor versatility

    Excuse me if I don't understand why you're drawing another triangle, but doesn't the option "reset selection box" on the "polygonal" triangle give the same center as your second triangle (or converting it to curves)?
  9. Hi, Another solution is to process your image in another application like G'MIC (a plugin for Krita, GIMP, or standalone). You can do it online too. (artistic filters > polygonize [delaunay/energy] (without outline). Play with the options to have something that pleases you. Once you've downloaded the result you can recreate the triangles in AD if you want them as vectors.
  10. About the font, as @firstdefence said, be careful with font where capitals are only decoratives and can't be use for full words, only as lettrines (like your name in the blue logo). Your name is certainly the most important thing, so it should be more visible than your profession. And if you logo need to be as signature on photographies, you need to ensure it'll be lisible/visible at a smaller size.
  11. Wosven

    My LG G5

    Yes it is! I just keep on thinking the top is a little bit too large. (and my test is not large enough at the top )
  12. You're right @owenr , and your solution is the best for this need!
  13. It's a solution for images, but not when you're creating for example maps and need to export different areas, at different sizes, etc. I export a lot of PDFs, (with a PNG versions as backup if I've got problem with the PDFs imported in another app at the last minute), and the export persona is usefull since I've got my presets, use them in a lot of documents, and I only have to click once to export a modified part if needed. More options would be usefull.
  14. Wosven

    My LG G5

    Yes, the perpective is strange, it seems larger on the top than at the bottom. Perhaps you should desaturate the background (really nice texture!) so the phone would be more visible and come back as the more important part (for now, the background is too much of a distraction). The next question is: does it levitate, ready to go in your hand? (I can't see anything between the phone and the marquetry).
  15. You can create slices from object like rectangles for different areas. They'll have a yellow icon. But when exported they'll be blank (or only their background color and the objects/images they contain), they won't show the layers below. (I created 3 with colored background with transparency). The "yellow icons": Those can be use as markees to create new slices manually and using the transform panel or manually position the new ones at the same position (those will have violet icons). When exported only the violet ones will have the background: (I made an error renaming the violet slices) That's why I would find usefull to be able to create "violet" slices from objects or to convert "yellow slices" to "violet slices".
  16. Did you checked the feather amount? If you end up with a round selection instead of a square, it can be because of the feather option. Try setting it at 0.
  17. Wosven

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    Was it made with the beta version of AP? It seems parts of the file are saved with different zoom options. Some can't be zoomed more than 75% (top left) or less (bottom right). @carl123 a little part of GRUA 20 was missing. Did you restored the missing part doing screenshots at different zoom levels? It would be interesting to know for @sorinciupitu, if some other files are corrupted. I wonder if it's a bug in the way AP/AD store parts of the file. And if it's occuring only (?) when storing history. I usually don't use this feature and don't know much about problems encountered with those files. ok3w.afphoto
  18. You could have gone SF-classical font (I don't know why, but I'm thinking about old Blade Runner poster or books) SF fonts
  19. Wosven

    Crash while loading Affinity Photo

    I just got this update and those fonts are installed on my little laptop, and there's no problems, AP and AD can launch.
  20. Hi ! I love it, there are nice textures on the planets, but I found the background sort of "flat". And, perhaps again because of the black background, I feel it need more interaction between the four elements: red planet, title, alien, Earth. For now they look like a strong centered column in the middle. I think you can play more with the font of the title, too, for now it look really classical, and hu... boring . Difficult to say what is missing, but you've strong and interesting parts... it just need a little bit more "fun" or "crazy" somewhere Sorry if I'm lacking the vocabulary to say this in a more constructive way!
  21. Wosven

    Crash while loading Affinity Photo

    Did you installed some fonts or are you using some other application that load fonts when a document need them? I have this problem sometimes when a document is open in inDesign and had loaded some specific fonts for this document, and I can't open AP (but sometimes I can open AD...) It doesn't happen everytimes with the same document, but with differents andI couldn't find a pattern to upload files for Serif to look at this problem. A trick that could work is opening AP and AD first, and other apps later. Or searching which font(s) you installed last, (if you installed some recently) and uninstall them.
  22. Sadly, when you create a slice from a shape ("yellow slices"), only the shape and its content will be exported. If you use those for delimiting areas, you'll only have blank/white images when exporting. You'll have to use the "violet slices", that you need to create manually and give same position, width and heightas your shapes if you want to export parts of your map. Other options are to copy-paste your map in each "yellow slices" (but a pain if you need to do some modifications later... I didn't try to use a big map as a symbol in AD), or to click on each shape, get a selection from it and export with the option "area: selection and background", but it take longer and it's not a nice workflow as using the Export persona could be. Perhaps someone has another idea? I use a lot the export persona, and it would be usefull to at least be able to convert "yellow slices" to "violet slices". This Persona can be use for different purposes than UI design with more options.
  23. I don't do a lot of macros, but I saw some opening a panel with different sliders for different effects. Perhaps it's possible this way?
  24. Really interesting. I'm usually picky about fonts and handmade letters, but yours are fine. Is there a coloured version?

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