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    Truetype Fonts - no BOLD option

    When creating or modifying a Text Style:
  2. Wosven

    Truetype Fonts - no BOLD option

    The other solution is to create Character styles and use other shortcuts (I usually use ctrl+numeric pad number for [ italic | bold italic | bold ], and for variants like medium or black ctrl+alt+ num pad or ctrl+shift+num pad, etc.). You can asign shortcut to the Paragraph|Character styles.
  3. After all those tests, I hope you'll share at least a part of your final work, to understand what you had in mind with this project
  4. You need to convert your text to curves (ctrl+enter on Windows).
  5. As I said (and the parameters are at the same position in the English version): Tabs: Général = General Dynamique = Dynamic Texture = Texture Pinceaux secondaires = Sub brushes Options: Variation de teinte = Hue jitter Variation de luminosité = Luminosity jitter
  6. There are parameters to change tint and luminosity of some of the brushes:
  7. Hi, I know it was already improve once, but it's not enough. The overflow red dot (or triangle for flowing to another frame) is only visible depending of the height of the frame: if we zoom out to create and adjust a new frame, it disappears. And the level of zoom needed for it to appear can be important! For example, if I need to flow ±325 footnotes on 250 pages, needing sometimes only 1 line at the bottom, I'll have to zoom in/zoom out 500 times! Second bug with this: it's impossible to find overflow in small frames if the zoom level doesn't allow enough space between the blue nodes of a frame to display the red dot. Looking for overflow with a zoom of 270% on a document isn't a good workflow. While in text mode those indicators should be displayed, and perhaps bigger when zooming out, so it's easier to click on them. They should be shown with other tools too, but smaller.
  8. Wosven

    The Dead of London

    If the images and files of those old posts in Learn and Share could be restored, it would be nice!
  9. The usual "no wrap for capitalized word", "no wrap for end of column|frame|page", "no wrap at last word of paragraph" would be simpler and fit a lot of situations, when those parameters seems to need adjustments depending of the column's width, especially if they cause trouble with setting for large values.
  10. Wosven


    IF you want to find a font, you can search on sites with tools like WhatTheFont or whatfontis, or look at site like Dafont or fontsquirrel. This text look like Optimus princeps font.
  11. In different tabs? If it's an animated GIF, as different layers would be better, the same way GIMP do. I can't remember how PS do it, since I don't use GIF at work.
  12. You can use the Node Tool while holding the alt key: it'll act as a lasso to draw and select the nodes.
  13. The problem is that APub think "–" should behave like an hyphen and should stay part of the previous sentence (if you disable the option about Widow, it'll be fine). Using a space before, or — (alt+0151) for dialogues solve this, but we can't use – (alt+0150) for lists.
  14. Wosven

    PDF Imports

    Hi, You need the font installed, or to replace them in APub if the app can't reconize an installed font used in a document (because the name used in the PDF isn't the same as the one in the font).
  15. We can again group adjustment layers in group, and add masks to the group or the adjustments and they keep working. But if we add a Fill layer in this group, the adjustments don't work anymore. affinity_designer_icon.afphoto
  16. I don't think it's the angle, and you can try with more than 1 slash. But the problem will remain: at some point they'll need to repeat with the same amount of space between repetition.
  17. Grouping adjustments is usefull to have a clean layer panel easy to navigate with groups named accordingly to purpose, containing various layers and adjustments. It's an usual use of groups. Like adding mask to this group, that can contain a refined selection of a part of the general image. A fill layer is only a way to have a modifiable colour or gradient on a specific area. For you perhaps. But when groups of adjustments weren't working anymore on the layers below, we had a huge thread about it being a bug and a lot of us complained about broken workflow and unusable files created with the older rreleases.
  18. Did you tried with an exagerated adjustment to check if at least the export is different? Does the Contrast adjustment used in mode Multiply get a different export? (It's not how it should work, but perhaps you'll have a suitable result while we try to understand what happen… and how to fix it)
  19. Hi, I can active the Body option repeat with 2 PNG exported from AD: Bugged images: Non-bugged ones:
  20. Hi, Did you try Layer > Merge visible? It should give you a new layer with the final result you wan to export.
  21. Yes, I already complained about this, a "fileName" + "_modified" would be better than "<untitled>" (since it had a name!!!), having to search the original folder to get back the original file's name, copy the path to replace or save it as a new file at the same location is annoying. It's worst when you used a global search to open the file from the results (you didn't opened the folder). It's worst since AP/AD/APub always want to save in the last used folder instead of the file's folder (we end up with files saved in the wrong project's folders and need to move them).
  22. If you can remember and reproduce the steps to bug a curve yes, but it looks more like a bugged file. Perhaps Serif will be able to look at your file and understand where it come from.
  23. Yes, and like you, I didn't read about modifying them, and until now it was possible to importe Beta brushes to regular app. I've got the same error tryingto import in the regular app. And I had a bug creating some of them: I couldn't apply "repeat" instead of stretch with some PNG images exported from AD.

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