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  1. Really stoked, trying to create multiple strokes on a compound element. Could someone please describe step by step what to do. What I am trying to recreate and my version below.
  2. when shall it be revised? For now I guess ill just manually edit it, thanks!
  3. Really like all the new features in 1.2 but one thing about the pixel alignment button. Whenever you do this, it doesn't snap to the sides or middle and I find that very inconvenient. Really would appreciate that in the next version! I've already complained about no pixel alignment before, love that its implemented but if you can get this to work, that would be awesome.
  4. Well I was asking yesterday about sketch vs affinity, I went with affinity ;) I'm just having one problem with the beta and stable version though watch this to see what I mean Thanks in advance, what won me me over for affinity was definitely the support :P
  5. Small request, I think it would be great if we could edit the exact values of the color in the color wheel in the color panel. I have to switch to sliders/boxes in order to do this but I really prefer the wheel. Thanks!
  6. When is it going to be updated? Any ideas? With the pixel perfect option and this, this update will be major for me :D
  7. Small request, I think it would be great if we could edit the exact values of the color in the color wheel in the color panel. I have to switch to sliders/boxes in order to do this but I really prefer the wheel. Thanks!
  8. I seem to be having trouble panning? I can normally pan by holding space, left clicking and moving the mouse (I meant left click in the video) but when I use the pencil tool it stops working normally and starts like floating or something but when I use middle mouse button instead of left, it works fine? Thanks in advance! Never mind, not designer's fault at all, seems like something is wrong with my mouse, it works fine with another mouse. I do have a gaming mouse with macros etc, will look into it. Any ideas on what it could be? I have a logitech g700s, never really ran into any problems like this.
  9. Figured it out, it was smooth mouse on my computer. It removes mouse acceleration in OS X and it was the cause
  10. I messaged MEB and he said this: "aubble, The Snap to Spread option is working fine, but if you have Force Pixel Alignment activated it will also snap to pixels. In this situation if you are not zoomed in enough, it seems the Snap to Spread isn't working because Affinity is forcing the snap to each pixel before it reaches the boundaries of the spread. If you zoom in close enough you will see that it snaps to the spread." But thanks, appreciate it! Hopefully we can make this work as intended.
  11. I know this is a affinity forum so I will get biased opinions, please try and keep it as unbiased as possible. As a noobie web designer, what would be my best bet? I've tried both, they are fine, some things are good in sketch, some in affinity. I am leaning towards sketch right now because it seems better for UI design but not sure. One thing that really irks me is that zooming with a mouse is not smooth at all. Its jagged and eww. It feels clunky. In affinity its fine. In affinity you cannot really just only align to pixels yet, whereas in sketch its much better unless you like scale. Then you gotta round to nearest pixel edge. So which one should I choose? Obviously there is a lot more in sketch then isn't in affinity and vice versa but those are my main problems, along with sketch sometimes not refreshing the screen. I'm planning on buying affinity in the future either way because it looks really good for other designs. But for web I don't know yet. What would you recommend?
  12. But I have to say, very impressed with how quick this forum is to respond!! :)
  13. I have it checked but it doesn't work? I can show you a video if you need? Very confused.. :( In fact by default the UI design one has that on but its not working in the beta atleast. Gonna try in the normal trial. In that when I change the units to pixels, it stops working?
  14. I guess I will. But could you point me to some website designs made in Affinity, just wanna see :P Also why when I have the units as pixels, for snapping, I cannot snap to the ends of the document? Like the corners etc? Or when I use the UI design preset? How can I change this? This is the beta btw. In the normal one I think its when I change the unit to pixels when I cannot snap to document ends.
  15. And hopefully you guys have experience with affinity. It is decent for UI design right?
  16. OOOOOOOOO THANKS!!! Ok, could you point me to some resources for learning affinity? Thats awesome, I can buy it expecting the pixel perfect feature to come soon right? Thanks, I tried it so many times, I can't believe that it was that. XD what do you mean snapping to the middle btw? Sorry I'm a noobie at vector design.
  17. That doesn't seem to fix it for me. I still get .5 sometimes. On y axis only too lol. Guess I will just go for sketch for now. Don't worry, I will be back shortly, I really like affinity designer as well. I wanted to go with affinity, its not focused on anything, its a one for all product. Once its mature enough for UI design xD I will be back :D