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  1. Hello!

    I just made a business card to be printed by a local printing company with a online shop. On their website they recommend to use a bleed of 3mm and a specific color profile for cmyk (iso coated 300%).

    Installing the profile and setting the document to those settings are easy in designer! But at exporting I got some issues I do not understand completely, thats why I ask here:

    - In my document I have two artboards, one for front and one for back - I assume that the document settings are valid for all artboards in a document!? (color profile and bleed)

    - I exported my document as one PDF-file (with two sites in it, one for front and on for back). I exported as PDF x4, including bleed and crop marks, using the document color profile.

    - When I open the exported pdf (I work on a iMac), the pdf is of course bigger then the business card, because I added bleed and crop marcs, but the document is more then the 3mm bigger? why? The business card artboard is set to 85mm x 48mm and bleed is set to 3mm on each side...shouldn't be the exported PDF then 85+6mm x 54+6mm? When I set the view of the exported PDF to 100% the distance between the crop marks was correct, but the whole document was about 10mm bigger all around...no big issue, and maybe thats just a PDF-display thing, but I wanted to ask to understand whats going on here...

    - If i set a bleed, i cannot find a option to display the bleed around each artboard, maybe that would make things easier?

    - The second issue was, that the printing company told me that one of the two sides (remember, I exported one PDF out of one document) where in RGB...how can this be?? The only reason I can immagine are the inserted pics I used (made in affinity photo and exported as PNG in ROMM)...aren´t they converted to the document profile when placed in designer??


    The file i added is the one I sent to my printing company...


    Thanks for some light into my darkness!



    VC - Anna - Endversion - soBestellt.pdf

  2. Hello!

    I made some work on the designer, but have an issue while exporting for print as pdf and eps.

    There is a simple rectangle in my design, filled with a color grading - and in my exported files this rectangle is always cut into two pices - producing a ugly gap-line...

    I tryed to reorder my element, i tryed to change layers,...always the same result!


    Please help!!



  3. Hi!

    I do not exactly understand the behavior of the assistant for example in the develop persona.


    After opening a raw image i can enter the assistant and select or deselect some options. but the changes doesnt always effect the actual import? is this right? So I have to reopen the raw some times?


    If, for example, "apply tone curve" is checked before opening a new raw, I can check and uncheck the tone curve option and I can see the difference immediatly. but checking and unchecking the denoise option does nothing? the settings in details/noise reductions stay uneffacted when unchecking/checking the option in the assistant...?


    And even if "apply lens correction" is set, i cannot see, if AP does anything?


    Thanks for help!


  4. Hi!

    I use my AP not with my default Language set in my operating system. Because of better naming of features and technical expressions i prefer english instead of german.

    The AP Help Dokumentation is a great help, but I recognised that the help doesnt change the language to english after setting the AP language to english.


    Can I set the help language somewhere? Or is this a little bug?




  5. A little bug I recognised while working in full screen mode (macos 10.12.3).

    After a notification (in my case a messenger notification) the brush i was working with started to show just a normal cursor arrow. I was working with the inpainting brush at this moment. The cursor did still work as the inpainting brush but didn´t show the cirkle anymore. after klicking on the inpainting brush in the tool bar again, the circle came back.

    I had this several times the last days - always the same procedure (doing a lot of retouche theese days ;-)


    I wrote about another little bug in the wrong forum I guess... sorry! (not remebering the full screen mode after restart of AP and not remebering the window size and thumbs size of the media viewer)




  6. I just recognised a little bug:

    i opened some Raw-files which i want to develop with the same settings. therefore i saved the settings in the develop persona at the first image.


    Then I loades a couple of raws simultaniously just to develop them with the saved settings. At the first pic the setting was set to default by default - developed, saved and closed. but at the next pic (with was already opened in a seperate view) the Settings was already set to the name of my saved develop-settings! But not applied to the pic!! I have to reset to default and set my saved ones again to get the settings working on the pic!


    Thats not a big issue, but you should know about!


    Another thing I forgot in my previous post:

    - if AP works with more then 1 view, tabs are shown, were the name of the file is displayed (and the file can be closed). Back to just one file opened this is missing!




  7. Hello!


    I have just a few UI suggestions for you (AP):


    - the windows, wich open when adding a adjustment layer or filter layer are always positioned at the right bottom of the canvas. I cannot count the klick-drags I did in the last days to put them up. Would be nice if the user could define a "pop-up location" as everybody likes it.

    - the app should remember the full-screen mode when restarted. i like to work in full screen because of flipping desctops with osx four finger gesture. Therefore it would be perfect to have the app menu omnipresent, not be hided as usual in full screen. but because at working in AP everybody uses the menu quite often...

    - the media view is a little helper i like, because i can resize the thumbs. the mediaview doesnt remember its window size and the thumbs size i adjusted.


    Great App! Move on like this!


  8. Hello!


    I watched the Affinity-Tutorial "ProPhoto cs sRGB" some days ago and started to try this for my workflows.


    The first obstacle to overcome was, that on my mac there was no prophoto icc-profile. In this forum i found a post about that, where is was shown, that the ROMM RGB Profile should be the same. This profile is on my mac, so I gave it a try! But one thing about the ROMM-Profile I didn´t understand. In the forum-post was a link to the ICC-website to download the ROMM.icc file. I also downloaded the profile (unless the romm was on my mac) just to compare the one on my mac with the one downloaded from ICC. The one on my mac is dated with 2015 or so and the one freshly downloaded was dated with about 2006!? The settings shown via the color-sync app on my mac are also not the same... so is the ROMM on my mac still the same profile than the one from ICC? And are those really the same like the prophoto??


    After my try on one of my actual projects - I tryed the same workflows than in the tutorial videos - I got stuck with some troubles...

    - converting my sRGB Image to the ROMM was as expected. And in some details the result of my project changes quite positively. I could really see that the bigger gammut gave some adjustment- and filter-layers more room to work.

    - then i tryed to export the project - like on the tutorial - via the export dialog as an jpg with an sRGB profile again. But the result was not the same, then. The color shift wasn´t the problem! The sharpness of my foto got lost? What I couldnt understand. Exporting a jpg directly from my original project file (in sRGB, not converted to ROMM) looked much better, sharper, like it should look like! So the jpeg out of the "sRGB-aphinityfile" and the jpg out of the "ROMM-aphinityfile" look enormous different, but not like the nice differences I could watch via the profile-conversion.


    The third and last issue on that is about the soft proof. Because my actual projects will be printed on fine art paper I use the soft proof from the producer to check the gammut. after the romm-conversion it is much more difficult to get rid of the "black" surfaces the gammut check shows. What is expected, because the romm have a much greater gammut. But maybe you can give me some tipps to handle this better, because even in my sRGB projects it is quite difficult to reach the gammut of the producer (the fine art paper) - can it be, that the gammut of this fine art paper is rather small compared with sRGB (and smaller compared with romm)? I watched the tutorials about soft proofing, but on my projects it seems much harder to reach the soft proofed gammut.


    Thanks for help! the icc profile for my soft proof is attached, as well as the two romm profiles, the one from my mac and the one from ICC. (Wasn´t allowed to upload the icc files)







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