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  1. Thanks @walt.farrell! But this is a little strange, isn´t it? The possition has an impact onto the size? ...is there a way to tell designer to make just integer pixel values possible?? At the moment I could not think about a situation why I should need half pixels... Thanks!
  2. Hi there! I have the same issue from time to time... so I checked out the forum and found this thread! @walt.farrell So I tried to set my pixels to 3 decimals, but also in 3 decimals my artboard has a integer - but in export persona the dimensions are 1 pixel larger!? (see screenshots) Any other idea on this? In the file where the screenshots came from I have a number of copies of the same artboards. Some of them show this issue and some not! But all artboards are copies from the same one... Thanks for help!
  3. Hi @thomaso Thanks for your reply! I wander, because I am not sure if I get the same result from my print-store... I will check this with them and come back here to inform everyone (interested) on this. (Da geb ich dir recht! Für das branding kann ich in dem Fall nichts...Metzger auf Abwegen
  4. Hi @callum I already added an example in my initial post. This 2 pdf-files are the same dokument exported as pdf 1.7 and pdf x4... and when I open them on my mac the colors do not look the same. Thanks Andreas
  5. Hi! I did some projects with a printing company who asked to export my work as PDF X4 (CMYK of course). But I recognised, that if I export the same work in any other format, for example jpeg or other versions of PDF (1.7) I get quite different colors... can anyone explaint to me why? And should this be? Because any other format results in the correct color? Thanks for help! Andreas Anzeige Salzachbrücke 1-8 - Merzinger - 08-22 - Mark 1 - x4.pdf Anzeige Salzachbrücke 1-8 - Merzinger - 08-22 - Mark 1.pdf
  6. You are welcome! But the thing is, I never export to one of my clouds... ...and while I write those words I realise that I do export to a cloud! I forgot to mention another "cloud" I use!! -> I use the "synology drive client"! And every export is to one of this folders...! But in fact those are local folders synced in the background...so this should not be a real problem!? If I can assist with further information to help fixing this habit of a great piece of software, just don't hesitate to tell me how! Andreas
  7. Hi @Dan C No, no google drive and no onedrive (I had onedrive in the past, but since some time no of them) But I have ownCloud in use!? Thanks!
  8. Hi there! I am writing, because in the last view months I constantly have the same issue with affinity designer. The procedure is always the same: I do some work I change to the export persona Pick the slices to export press "export"... then the finder window appears, where to export to... then I can click one or two times on some folders (very different every time) then the rotating ball appears while searching the desired folder in the finder window... ...then designer get stuck... This is not always the case, but very regularly. There is no difference in my behavior if this occurs or not. I send the crash repot a lot of times...but now I thought its time to tell you directly. Hope you can fix this, its really annoying. Thanks Andreas
  9. But what would be be best method to save colors in swatches if i have to work in different color profiles...? How do you handle this?
  10. hmm... if i open the "strange color" file and look into the doc settings i get this. My settings show CMYK and Iso coated... if I change to RBG...assign/convert is inactive...?
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