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    Netanel1244 reacted to Jesse (Mediabound) in Seamless Patterns/ Pattern Swatches Feature   
    Yes there are usable work-arounds for this feature, but they are immensely slower and painful to work through. Having a way to create seamless patterns right in Designer, similiar to Illustrator, is a must. Sometimes I just want to create a quick seamless pattern for a background or something, it could be simple shapes that I want to use specifically for an effect, or to tie in a certain shape for a client etc. Especially in those moments not having a seamless pattern maker really sucks.
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    Netanel1244 reacted to Dhulfiqar in [Multi] RTL language text support   
    I've purchased Affinity Photo yesterday and I didn't even look for the RTL support because I thought such a company that compete with Adobe should have this already fixed. I then was shocked when I wanted to use an Arabic text in my design. Please fix this issue since it has been almost 5 years when people started talking about RTL support in this forum.
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    Netanel1244 reacted to WellnessDS in [Multi] RTL language text support   
    +1 please for adding RTL support.  I have some customers who use RTL language sets, but I'm unable to use Affinity to meet their needs.  
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    Netanel1244 reacted to paolo.limoncelli in DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0   
    Hi folks!
    It's time to update this thing... 
    The same set, suitable for cartoonists, character designers and comic artists.

    Now it is composed of:

    4 layout tools
    1 standard pencil and 3 layout pencils embedding typical colors like blue, red and green (you don't need to choose it from color picker).
    Now with tilt for shading effect!

    8 Inkers
    G pens, trapezoid shaped and Sumi-e variants!
    All these tools are sensitive to pen pressure and tilt.
    Hope you'll enjoy it!
    Grab it here!
    PS. The old one is still here
    DAUB_Comics Basic Set.zip
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    Netanel1244 reacted to Craig Deeley in AD Textured brushes, Monet strokes   
    Attached are a set of AD Textured Intensity brushes made from actual brushstrokes from the famed painter.


    Usually I would not try to make strokes so literal. Nor would I borrow from such a famed source.

    In that sense these strokes are a bit of a digression for me.

    These are examples of brushes that use real strokes almost exactly. They carry the texture and variety of their source. Thick, skittering oil paint, and swashes of thinner oil run over uneven surfaces. 


    I have become more and more a digital painter... but I love the texture of natural media. I find myself drawn to digital emulation of natural media. Or emulation perhaps of the texture of natural media - with a digital twist.

    I have never deliberately tried to make a textured brush for such applications as Photoshop, Expression3, Synthetik Studio Artist or Affinity Designer - that looked exactly like a natural media brush stroke. 

    The idea seems a little too in conflict with what makes digital art potentially its own (great) thing.


    However. These are very nice, heavily textured oil paint strokes. Great for bold paint looks.




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    Netanel1244 reacted to shojtsy in Background blur?   
    Sounds like a re-occurring issue with understanding terminology used by many people.
    "Non-destructive" is often understood as having the ability to do steps A, B, C, then return to whatever changes/settings were applied at step A and being able to modify them withing having to redo steps B and C, and still get the same image as if you would have re-done steps B and C.
    You might say that "non-destructive" is not a good name for this ability, but you should understand that it is viewed as a benefit by many. Since Affinity obviously aspires to be non-destructive in this sense with the many live adjustments, so it makes sense to point out that neither of the solutions presented can achieve that.
    Consider step A to be the creation of the shape, step B being the creation of blur layer, and step C being the copy of the shape to be also a mask of the blur layer. You can not change the parameters or type of shape (step A) and get a consistent result, without also repeating step C and copy the new shape to be mask of the blur.
    Edit: Note that I am assuming that one would like to reproduce the original Background Blur, not just a blur masked to a shape. In proper background blur you have a shape/image with it's own colors and when that is blended in, the background color used for blending is blurred before blending. See the animation with the watch earlier where the layer with background blur has a darker gray color and text as well.
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    Netanel1244 got a reaction from Dams in Background blur?   
    By BG blur we mean to blur just the part that's behind a certain object.
    Here's an example from figma.com:

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    Netanel1244 got a reaction from Tonyinga in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Love you, Affinity team!
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    Netanel1244 reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Thought I'd give you a glimpse of some of the features that will be coming in 1.7.
    Please note - this thread is only for discussing the features detailed here.  Postings related to other feature requests should be posted on their own thread (else they will get deleted from this thread).
    We have spent considerable time overhauling the internals of some of our main tools.  It's been a labour of love, but it's going to open up greater possibilities for our core tool set.
    The core tools are:
    - Move tool
    - Pen tool
    - Node tool
    - Shape creation tools
    - Text tools
    - Fill and Transparency tools
    - Place Image tool
    - Vector Crop tool
    So, what improvements can be expected?
    - Advanced grid editing on spread (move the grid origin and edit it's axis with a handy new widget, with full snapping of course)
    - Guides can be created and moved in all the core tools, plus a toggle to turn guide editing off
    - Move the artboard ruler origin (with editing toggle)
    - Create objects and shapes into an arbitrary grid
    - Rotate and flip objects in grid planes (great for people working in isometric), plus an option to rotate shapes in plane using the Move tool
    - The Move tool will now allow you to cycle though selection boxes, including regular boxes and grid plane aligned boxes
    - Snapping performance improvements
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    Netanel1244 reacted to Reza.Allami in [Multi] RTL language text support   
    ٌIt's disappointing to hear that.
    Even some free softwares like gimp and inkscape supports rtl...
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    Netanel1244 reacted to Chris_K in 1.6 - Can't set custom brush wet edges   
    Hi all
    This seems to be a late change that made the Mac but not Windows. I've made the developers aware that this feature is missing
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    Netanel1244 got a reaction from Roel Knol in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    You're the best
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    Netanel1244 reacted to Roel Knol in Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)   
    Just found out that if you change Preferences-->General-->Language from Default to English and restart, you get the right welcome screen with the links
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    Netanel1244 got a reaction from Utpal Kant Mishra in [Multi] RTL language text support   
    I also second RTL support. AD can't be a standard among the hebrew and arabic speakers as long as it doesn't support RTL text properly.
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    Netanel1244 reacted to smadell in Splash screen   
    Wow. I certainly hope you guys never hold a belief that others find unpopular.
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    Netanel1244 reacted to smadell in Splash screen   
    PLEASE read this advice cautiously. For a whole lot of reasons, I probably should advise you NOT to do this. But, if you have a Mac, replacing the splash screen is fairly straightforward. Understand, however, that (1) you are on your own!; and (2) if you don't do everything right, you can easily ruin the application. IF you try this, do it on a COPY of the application, and save the original somewhere so that you can go back to it if you need to.
    Also, with all deference to harrym above, I too find the need to hide a woman's face completely unnecessary. But I recognize your need/desire to do so.
    If you have a Mac, and working on a COPY of the application, right click the app icon and choose "Show Package Contents."
    Open the folder called "Contents," and then open the folder called "Resources."
    Find the file called "Splash@2x.png" This is the graphic for the splash screen.
    Select it, copy it, and paste it on your Desktop.
    Using AP, you can change it to anything you want. DO NOT change the size of the graphic, and be sure to export it as a PNG when you're done.
    Quit Affinity Photo.
    Right click your new graphic and copy it.
    Get back to the Resources folder inside AP, using the same method noted above.
    Right click in that folder and Paste the new graphic inside.
    When asked if you want to Replace the older file with the newer one, say yes. You will need to type an Administrator password to let you do this.
    When you now re-start Affinity Photo, the new graphic should have replaced the old one.
    If ANYTHING goes screwy, delete the copy of the app that you just tinkered with, and replace it with the original that you backed up (you did do that, right?)
    I've attached a graphic you can use if you want. Once again, I have to advise you to IGNORE all this and live with the program as it is. But, if you must, the graphic can be replaced.

    PS - If you are working on a Windows desktop, I believe you're out of luck.