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  1. An essential feature. come on, Serif.
  2. Netanel1244

    Background blur?

    Sure it can be done, but it's messy and not intuitive. Can any of the moderators reply/ move this to feature requests?
  3. Netanel1244

    Background blur?

    By BG blur we mean to blur just the part that's behind a certain object. Here's an example from figma.com:
  4. Thank you!
  5. Hello. In Affinity Photo, when I use the crop tool, there is no way top align the crop to the edge of my document, Which makes it easy to go overboard and end up with transparent parts in the image after the crop. See attachment for example. Would be glad if there will be an option to "lock" the crop within the document (or layer) boundries. Thanks! Netanel
  6. Love you, Affinity team!
  7. Netanel1244

    Background blur?

    Will be happy to see that, too. Will help a lot with UI design. These days both Mac and Windows are using this effect. Can any of the moderators reply?
  8. Hi. I am thrilled to have the 1.6 update. Thank you so much Serif! Although it seems I can't set custom wet edges to brushes as I should. Screenshot attached. Thank you! <3
  9. Netanel1244

    Splash screen

    I'm a bit embarrassed to post that, but here it goes... Is there a chance to have a splash screen that doesn't feature a woman? Or at least, the option to disable/ make a custom splash screen? I'm religious, so the AP splash screen - which features a woman - is kind of problematic for me personally. I'll be super happy to see that happening, But I'll understand if it won't :) Thanks.
  10. I also second RTL support. AD can't be a standard among the hebrew and arabic speakers as long as it doesn't support RTL text properly.
  11. Hello. Is it possible to change currency in the Affinity store? Thank you.