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  1. I have been using this camera since it came out last year, around six or more months ago but I still have problems opening the RAW images in most iOS apps to edit in. For a very short time, I was able to edit these files and was totally over the moon but, just lately I find that editing them is now impossible as I keep getting error messages, in all the apps. Now, I know most of this is down to Fujifilm more that the developers of the apps but I thought by now, this file would be supported by now. If it is indeed supported, have you any suggestions as to why I can't edit these images please? and if possible, any suggestions as to work around this problem. I know Iridient Developer can open the files on my Mac but that isn't available on an iOS device...
  2. Sorry for being asay from this post for so long... Thanks for the advice, appreciated. Now able to delete as needed, thank you.
  3. Ah, thank you for that. It wasn't particularly obvious hence why I couldn't figure out how too. Sorry for taking so long to reply
  4. This will sound like a daft question but, how do I delete imported images from Affinity Photo's library and where does AP save the images imported and edited? I can't see anywhere in iOS photos
  5. If this had been asked before please accept my apology but, can I import my images from Aperture to Infinity Photo?
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