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  1. That is very misleading. Mac runs on the same X86 / AMD64 architecture as Windows these days, Mac only featuring Radeon GPUs while Windows can have both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. On Windows there's fleshed out and well documented APIs, e.g. CUDA that have been around for almost a decade now. I felt exactly the same as OP after seeing the video this morning. For a while now Serif seems to focus on the shrinking Apple-market (while most creatives these days are feed up by ever-growing prices with decreased specs from that company) - not sure why that is. I said it in another topic and I repeat again: I'd be more than happy to pay more to get AP / AD stable and well performing on Windows, I need it in my daily work, as of now it's mostly in my way and has been replaced partly by other software. This launch is a big disappointment to me, some performance issues are even worse than before and I doubt the answers I get here: "cannot reproduce" - sure, right.
  2. Any highres foto (say 6k) with a few (say 5) adjustment layers does.
  3. Hi there, with disappointment I'm noticing more and more that lots of the core issues for "Affinity as daily driver" haven't been touched. E.g. "Websafe Dither" still takes up to 10 minutes to process on a high-res layer (6000x4000px), sometimes locking up / crashing AP. As mentioned the jpg-export takes forever now as well. Performance improvements are unnoticable when working with high-res photos and multiple adjustment layers Support for GPU has improved on paper only. I'm using 2 high-end GPUs in my Workstation, but most of the time only my CPU-cores are at 100% while GPUs are idle. When changing GPU-settings in AP as a result I experience more issues, like adjustment layers not rendering until I zoom, or rendering as black blocks. I'm begging to invest less time in new features and more in stability for daily usage. Thanks, Manuel.
  4. Any news here? I now found that 1.7 AD suffers from this issue worse than before. Look guys, I'll happily buy another 3 pieces of your software if you fix these issues. But lately it happened when I was sitting down with a client and basically having to zoom in and out after any change I made to an adjustment layer, looking like a helpless fool. This issue is serious and apparently it got more serious with 1.7 in both Designer and Photo. My Specs: Windows 10 Pro RTX 2080 GTX 1080 Ryzen 7 1700 32GB DDR4 Everything is up to date
  5. Got the same issue, at first I falsely reported it as "export doesn't work / crashes" - but then realized in 1.7 it just takes forever exporting jpegs.
  6. Nevermind, it just took forever.. sorry bout that. Can be closed.
  7. Well this is an urgent one I guess. AP fails on exporting jpg at all.
  8. Thanks for moving it to the right place - I hadn't read the whole release notes. Here's a demo file: Please have a look, this seriously affects my professional use of Affinity. Blüten-Türkis-2.afphoto
  9. Black-square-artefacts-bug on zoom and export remains unfixed. Why?
  10. New "Merge curves/Separate curves" commands How does that work? I still seem unable to join two curve nodes.
  11. I'm having the same issue all the time on various occasions. I came here cause it's the first page on Google. I get big areas of false colors or totaly blacked out, black squares all over the image that alter with the zoom level, adjustment layers just not doing anything. It happens pretty much on any composition I make, for as long as I own AP (>3 years?). So no update ever addressed this sadly. I also whent through different acceleration settings and even different hardware, now I'm on a 8 core Ryzen 7 with one GTX 1080 and one RTX 2080, 32 GB of RAM etc., same happens on my 2 intel laptops etc. It usually starts when dealing with multiple adjustment layers and masks. Once it began, restarting the program, saving as a new file, flattening down or even removing and re-adding these adjustment layers doesn't help. There's some serious issue underneath going on and I hope it will be address shortly.
  12. It's 2018... too busy with IPads and marketing? Sitting here for an hour now trying to join 2 nodes. Really disappointed.
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