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  1. I'm sorry to disagree with you.  I have been editing my photos in LR for three years under the Develop Module (Camera Raw) which supports 

    • Camera raw formats
    • DNG
    • TIFF
    • JPG
    • PSD
    • CMYK files
    • PNG
    • AVI, MOV, MP4, and other video files

     I only use PS6 standalone when I have to, because it is too complex for the average task unless you want to spend a lot of effort in Layers..  I used Aperture until Apple abandoned it.  My MacPhun, NIK and Topaz plugins support editing not available in LR. Dam (LIBRARY MODULE) in LR is excellent contrary to what some other posters have said.

    My interest in Affinity photo is as a replacement for Photoshop and LR because I don't want Adobe's subscription crap and they are making updates difficult for those of us without cc subscriptions.  But it all depends on how you handle your Dam when it materializes.  It needs to at least allow for a folder naming convention like this:  

    "YYYYMMDD Location Description".