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  1. It would be nice to have a button to isolate the current object so only objects inside can be selected. This is similar to selecting all other objects you dont need in the Layer panel and lock them.
  2. AD/AP can be 1 time purchase, but you can't say anything about AD/AP Pro, AD/AP Extra or such... MS Office has both models, for whatever purposes. I do all drawing stuffs in Clip Studio Paint, it's 1 time purchase on desktop, but asks for a subscription on ipad . That's business for you. It all depends on how the company visualizes their future, and whether or not they have enough power to swing their sword.
  3. Around 70% of the times I try to move an object, my finger hits a resize node instead . How do you make sure you are selecting to drag move?
  4. For small objects, the cage can transform to reflect the adjustments on nodes and handler, but returns the some default forms (a circle in this case) when being activated again, depending on the shape: For large objects, we only need to offset the control from object a bit: Not the brightest example here, the whole point is in the future I hope AD dev consider inventing less intrusive ways to work with objects. These current way of distributing controls right on objects (Move, Node tool etc.) have been around for ages, I believe they can be changed in a better way. Let's try assuming the best case when you editing an object: 1. The controls should not interfere with the view on object. There are indicators to know what you're working on, but the object remains intact in term of color, shape, stroke etc. 2. User should not lose perpective on the object. It stays at the same place on the screen , no need to move/zoom in/out document for the sake of handling some controls. On the ipad version, there's a preview displayed when holding nodes, my thought is what if we switch the role by allowing controls on the preview and see the object transforms instead?
  5. In the ipad version, i'm able to: - Select 2 objects => open Stroke studio and adjust stroke width for both. In desktop, i have to do it 1 by 1. - Adjust the pressure for the stroke separately between the beginning node and the ending node. In desktop, when I change 1 of them, the other will follow. So how can I do the same thing on desktop or there are really differences between 2 versions? Thanks.
  6. Sometimes I can't snap objects to the Artboard edges with "Snap to shape keypoints". It doesn't show up in the candidate list either. I will need to select the Artboard once, then it works as expected. Currently, this always happens when I open a file, or create a new file with Artboard ready.
  7. I like the idea, but I can image the checking will be teadious and buggy. Replacing the current object with the symbol (at that position) is much more simple.
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