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    [Photo] Content appears outside canvas

    Hello @Chris_K Yeah, that solved my issue, thank you very much! If I'm ever able to recreate this, I'll come back and post more info.
  2. Hello there, Today I've encountered a weird bug where canvas won't clip contents inside it. Also when using the brush tool close to the edges, artifacts appear. Crop tool simply changes the "canvas border". The light gray artifacts are caused because of GIF compression, so please ignore. This issue appeared when I created a new document using the Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N shortcut (new document from clipboard). I tried restarting the Photo and my PC, but nothing changed. Tried to create new files, still the same problem. The version I'm using is Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. b14ckfir3

    [Photo] Content appears outside canvas

    No margins are not enabled. After enabling them my issue looks like this: so this is not my problem
  4. Hi everyone, I've found a very annoying bug, where if you move a layer with the arrow keys on the keyboard and then try to ALT + Drag to duplicate, then the layer you dragged the duplicate from jumps back to the location it had before moving it with the arrows. See the attached image to better understand the issue.
  5. b14ckfir3

    Duplicate after moving layer with arrows

    Thanks for informing me @Sean P!

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