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  1. Is has been pushed back so far? x_X Guys do you want to force people waiting into the hand of Adobe? 8(
  2. So it is still coming? Anytime this century? :(
  3. *Sometime* next year? Was is pushed back AGAIN? Guys I need it and sitting on hot coals for nearly 2 years now. So early 2017 is now sometime? When does it get pushed to 2020? This is getting ridiculous 8(
  4. Windows is no option for me. I get enough anger from this piece of crap at work, not at home ;P
  5. The only problem here is - There is NO Pageplus for Mac...
  6. Months - Really? Does that mean the beta has moved even further to the future then before? 8( It is really getting hard to wait for it... But what did I expect, the Windows port DID take resources that are missing for the Mac development.
  7. Hans, du kannst alternativ iTunes-Wertkarten kaufen und im AppStore benutzen. --- Hans, you can use iTunes value cards for shopping in the AppStore.
  8. Really late 2016? And I was so much locking forward to it. Its getting annoying to live with Swift Designer after the Pages disaster 8(
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