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  1. Willingness to use it varies by users. I own a Mac to NOT have to work with Windows. I'm sure many other see it the same.
  2. If, a really big if, it arrives at all. Personally I don't believe that there is any Publisher at all at the moment, not even in pre alpha.
  3. Well say thanks for Windows support and it's abysmal text system 8(
  4. Well they promised to first complete the suite before going to other platforms. But now publisher is delayed again BECAUSE resources are shifted to the iOS versions. So the promise was clearly a lie.
  5. Why should I as a Mac user be thankful for ignoring my platform for ages? And what I want? That Serif hold to their own promise: first finish the suite, then add other platforms. Currently Cocoa resources are pulled away from A Publisher to finish the iOS version. 3 years is no delay but a sign that your project management is badly broken.
  6. I wouldn't call lieing for 3 years honest. Sorry being lied to is a thing I take very serious.
  7. After whats happening wth Publisher I don't see the DAM before 2019 8(
  8. Yes it is listed - But I don't see it at work. Filters that work butter smooth in other CoreImage based apps flicker in APhoto and I don't see any usage of the two gpus, just cpu usage spikes. It as if the 2 gpus in my MacPro are just ignored by APhoto 8(
  9. Its hard to stop when I have the feeling I'm being lied to. Lied because I don't know how to translate "verarschen" to english. Sorry if that disturbs people 8(
  10. Well where is Metal and CoreImage for example? From the speed of filters in APhoto clearly not used 8(
  11. Hmm I don't get what OpenType has to do with it - Has GDI finally something comparable to the Cocoa Text System? Or do you still have to build everything from string output functions? I didn't mean having to write anything for Mac and Win anew. What I meant is that on Mac you have very powerful apis that you can take advantage of while on Windows you have to build nearly everything from annoyingly primitive apis that trace their design back to the pre Win95 time. So I guess because of the cross platform backing Serif can't utilise the many advantages Cocoa provides or have to implement something similar anew from hand for the Windows support. On the financials: Affinity line has provided a nice profit from all I hear before Win support - while the old Serif line didn't. Why should that change with a Win version of Affinity? Besides annoying the profit bringing Mac customers by being slowed due to not being able to utilise the platform to it's fullest? I don't get it.
  12. I'm a little out of track on the WIndows side, but when did Windows get a useable text and font subsystem?
  13. Yes Quark is another Beast to reach then SwiftPublisher/iStudio that I named. But after all you wrote about Publisher it will be more in League of these two instead of InDesign/Quark. As far as I remember the feature set won't even reach PagePlus for quite a while.
  14. Well here comes the problem - cross platform sucks. And it is imo the point where Affinity failed. Pure Mac apps can be written rather fast with many mighty components available from the system. It get's slower when you have to consider the junkyard that is Windows because you have to write everything for it anew. Isn't it strange how Affinity came to a near halt when Windows work started after making leaps before? That it's possible I know as I had a DTP app going as a hobby project till 2,5 years ago (new job and no more time to continue it). It was pure hobby and afterwork but it was around 80% of what SwiftPublisher can do after 1 year. A full time developer should have been far beyond on features.
  15. So why is the only thing we hear about Publisher then always the has been moved back for a year text? Surely if working on it for 6 years there should be something to show by now. A single developer could easily write something in the league of iStudio/SwiftPublisher in under 2 years - so what's hindering Publisher?
  16. I would be happy with simple automatic toc generation, but sadly neither Swift Publisher, iStudio nor iCalamus has it. Are people really generating toc by hand?
  17. Perhaps I don't see it on their page, but it appears to be missing a very important feature for me: automatic TOC generation...
  18. Scribus works very bad on macOS (like all gtk based programs imo), Xara doesn't work at all. The eBay way sadly doesn't help either because I would need at least Cs 6 to be able to use it on a current macOS. And sellers know that - this version is seldom available and when very expensive. From what I read Windows users have way less pressure for an alternative as there are already a lot useable tools. On the Mac it's currently junk or pay your arse off :(
  19. Sorry but I don't see anything giving a reason for hope. And being forced to go the Indesign cc way now doesn't improve my mood and feelings towards Serif a lot...
  20. That is sadly not they truth anymore. The new date is "hopefully 2018" or as I read it after years of pushing it back "never".
  21. WHAT?! Now even 2017 has fallen? Guys you promised the beta 2 years ago... The app surely has progressed in that long time to a testable app... How about stopping work on Designer and Photo for a while and finishing the suite first? I better don't write more as it would be disrespectful - but what is going on with Publisher is really making me mad. I you would have been honest I could have biting the poisonous apple of Adobe earlier and avoided to fuck around with iStudio for the short wait till publisher comes out 8( A good way to destroy good will from customers build in the beginning.
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