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    Pixelkobold reacted to SrPx in Better link or embedd a lot of picture files?   
    Linking (and changing the files externally by other editors  when needed, so they update automatically in many documents where they are linked) is an amazing neck saver for things like card/board games, and many types of large and complex projects. Specially useful when you need an update to replicate to all documents. IMO, embedding has its advantages, linking has its own ones. I would need them both.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to curtsheller in Export and import master pages - Feature Request   
    Been doing that.
    Maybe a future feature.
    Been converting a lot of my books from InDesign and several have the same master pages. Would be nice to be able to simply load from a common file.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to World View in Better link or embedd a lot of picture files?   
    I don't see a point in linking. I'd like all images of a design in the file. You move the file, you won't get all your images unlinked.
    Maybe if you created a huge number of documents, 100's and they all stay on your computer, linking would be a good idea.
    Even with software that has much larger file sizes, like Final Cut Pro X, where you can get libraries going over 100GB, embedding is better. 
    In Affinity, I always embed. Just working on a 60+ page document. 
    Not the slightest bit sluggish, as long as you are using JPEGs. 
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    Pixelkobold got a reaction from Rick G in Better link or embedd a lot of picture files?   
    Hey there
    what is the better alternative handling a lot of photos in Publisher at the moment?

    I do a photo yearbook for my daughter with probably a few hundred photos (I dont know exactly yet how much it will be).
    I am not through with it yet (doing November at the moment) and I see that when you open the document, Publisher needs a lot of time to open all the pages (e.g. load the linked photos)
    In the meantime the PC reacts sluggish for minutes.

    When all is loaded there is no performance problem anymore, but during loading the document there is no working possible

    I wonder though, if it would be better if I embedd the photos instead of linking them... any suggestions to that?
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    Pixelkobold got a reaction from Rick G in Better link or embedd a lot of picture files?   
    there you have a point I not thought about.

    I'll try that, and make a copy before doing so

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    Pixelkobold got a reaction from StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    you're awesome. Thanks for that repository
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Seneca in Templates for Books & Book Covers   
    It might me a bit too premature to start offering templates for books and cover pages for a project that is still in development.
    Once Publisher hits v1. I'm sure templates for books and cover will be offered by both Affinity and users alike. 
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    Pixelkobold reacted to CienciasMagicas in 200 Vector Gradients   
    Hello everyone!
    I share a palette of gradients, which I have had for years.
    Note: I do not know the author's name, which is why I do not mention it.

    200 Vector Gradients.zip
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    Pixelkobold reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Organics Set 8 [Version 1.7 only]   
    Project Brush Organics Re-visited
    Created some new brushes mainly for backgrounds..or anything else and decided to explore the new brush features in AD 1.7 a little deeper..
    Added new Project Brush Organics Set (based on some of my first brush efforts but with new nozzles and edited brush dynamics)
    Containing..as usual: 
    30 new Raster Brushes using sampled image bitmaps rather than drawn vectors (mostly!) [ProjectBrush - Organics.zip]
    PDF sample sheet as attached
    However, as the new brush engine is so versatile... you are presented with so many fantastic options that small changes create greater varied effects/results to brush appearance.
    Therefore instead of developing a 120 brush set (as before).. I have included:
    30 additional Nozzles (.png) and image references to extend the options  [Nozzle Extras.zip]
    Secondary Brush set which only includes single nozzle samples (as sample jpg) so you can see what effect they have alone. [Project Brush - Nozzle.zip]
    Having the option of adding Sub-Brushes can make it a bit more time-consuming creating single brushes...So I added the option of using' Brush Templates' as a starting point...These simply have different configurations of nozzles at the parent and sub-brush level (makes things a bit quicker and saved on some repetitive actions!)  [Project Brush - Brush Templates.zip]
    Duplicate the template then Switch nozzles from sample set or anything else created! Being able to  duplicate from the context menu (right-click on brush) on brush panel makes this really easy..

    PROJECT BRUSH -Organics 01 01.pdf
    ProjectBrush - Organics.zip
    Extras Elements
    30 additional Nozzles for brush variation add to templates/single nozzle brushes as required (have fun!)
    Nozzle Extras.zip

    Secondary Brush 
    30 raster brush set containing only single nozzle without sub - brushes
    Project Brush - NOZZLE BRUSH.zip
    Version 1.7 Brush Templates
    Use as basis for editing

    Project Brush - Brush Templates.zip
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    Pixelkobold reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    Catalogue of free resources added to the Forum
    1. Brush Library | 2. Asset Library | 3. Styles | 4. Information

    Brush Library Sample sets from personal 'Affinity Brush Project'
    1. Current uploaded Samples from Brush Library (Forum Sets are not full library versions!)
    2. Placed into categories for reference.
    3. Ignored older sets/threads (4)...as have been updated by newer an better versions (Mostly relating to Texture Brushes/hatching and Dots) 
    Texture Brushes
    Texture Brush Packs x12 [Organics] [120]
    Texture Brush Packs [Organics #2] [6 sets of 120 (720)]
    Organic Set #1 | Organic Set #2 | Organic Set #3

    Texture Brush Pack Fur Set 1 [120]
    Texture Brush Packs [Hatching Version 2] [120]

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots] [120]

    Texture Brush Dot Patterns [120]

    Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes] [Sample Set]
    Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes [Sample Set] [AD version 1.7]
    Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine
    Texture Paint Effects [combined Brush Set] [AD version 1.7]
    Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine | Combination set using Texture Paint 08 and Project Set 08 (Organics) Brush sets.

    Texture Painter
    The largest combined set consisting of:
    6 groups of 120 brushes arranged as 4 x 120 brush sets [520]
    2 groups of 120 small (textured pencils/brushes) [240]
    Also 1 sample set, Special sample set AD 1.7, Effects set
    Texture Paint Set #1 |  Texture Paint Set #2 | Texture Paint Set #3 | Texture Paint Set #4 | Texture Paint Set #5 | Texture Paint Set #6 | Sample Sets (2) | Special (AD 1.7)  
    Texture Paint Brushes [Group 1-4)] [120 texture brushes]
     30 sample brushes from each of groups 1-4   
    120 Texture Paint Brushes and 30 small textured sketching brushes
    Paint Brushes Set 1

    Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2
    Added some nozzles so you can make your own brushes or patterns! (There are 1000's of these)
    Nozzles:Texture Paint Brush Asset Library 01 [Nozzle Set]
    Pattern Brushes
    Pattern Brush Packs [120 Brushes]
    Set #1

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A] [240 Brushes]
    Set #2 | Set #3

    Pattern Brush Packs [Isometric] [60 Brushes]
    Environment Brushes
    Vegetation Brushes Set #1 [120 Brushes]

    Vegetation Brushes Set #2 [120 Brushes]
    Vegetation Brushes Set #3 [Version 1.7 only] [30 Brushes]
    Added experimental brush set for 1.7 brush dynamics
    Added second brush set that includes 'Sub-Brush Synchronisation' (Fixes visual appearance of brush panel and allows all brush nozzles to scale uniformly). Added suffix to brush set name
    Vegetation Brushes Set #4 [1.7 Brush Engine] [30 Brushes]

    Project Brushes
    1. Project brushes added as library became a bit large! 
    ...and easier to work with....
    2. Contains some reworked brushes but also 100's of new ones. (Set six for Poison is all new and the largest of the project sets [300 brushes;150 Raster, 150 Vector])
    3. Includes some vector sets...but not yet complete.....eek!

    01 Project Brush Assets Hungry [Mixed Source]1[30 Raster]

    02 Project Brush Assets Crazy Tree [Mixed Source]2  [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    03 Project Brush Assets Big-T [Mixed Source]3 [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    04 Project Brush Assets Ammonite [Mixed Source]4 [30 Raster | 30 Vector]

    05 Project Brush Assets Monster Club [Mixed Source]5 [30 Raster]

    06 Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6 [150 Raster | 150 Vector]
    07 Project Brush Set Ink. (tutorial based on inkBrush Project can be found here: Creating Vector Brushes)
    Work in Progress sample sheets for inkBrush Project

    The largest of the Project sets Consisting of a 900 brush set collection with 350 supporting vector elements:
    300 'Vector' based brushes
    600 'Raster' based brushes (inc 30 stamp brushes)
    350 Vector Assets for texturing objects
    100+ Seamless Patterns
    10 vector sets (Inking [30], Paint [30], Texture [30], Effects  [30], Granular [30], Render [30] , Linear [30] ; Render [Texture] [30]), Render II, Linear II;
    13 Raster Sets (Texture [60], Pattern (geometric) [60], Pattern (Organic) [30], Sketch [60], Draw [30], Hatch [60], Bristle [60], Stipple [60], Effects [60], Paint [60], Stamps (vegetation) [30], Splatter, Grunge) [30]

    3 sub-Project Brush sets: Muddy, Prickly, Chop [not-completed]

    Supporting Vector Assets:
    Additional Vector Assets for Pattern (Geometric), Texture Brush [50], Texture [200], Grunge [50], Patterns[50] 

    A. InkBrush - Vector - Render [30 Vector Brushes]
    B. InkBrush - Vector - Linear [30 Vector Brushes]
    C. InkBrush - Vector - RenderTexture [30 Vector Brushes]
    A. InkBrush - Raster - Grunge (under project set 09)
    Vector Patterns
    A. InkBrush - Vector Patterns (compound paths) [50]
    B. InkBrush - Vector Textures (compound paths and placement textures) [50]
    08 Project Brush Organics Set 8 [30 Raster Brushes] [Version 1.7 only]
    Project Brush set with 30 additional raster Nozzles;20 Brush Templates (Version 1.7) and 30 single nozzle raster brushes
    09 Project Brush Grunge Set 09 (60 Raster Brushes)
    Added Set 09: 30 Raster Brushes
    Added Set 09 [INK]: 30 Raster Brushes; modified version of the inktober 2018 Project Set (modified brush dynamics) [Version 1.7 only]
    10 Project Brush Assets Shy [30 Raster Brushes]
    30 additional vegetation raster brushes (leaves)
    11 Project Brush Assets Camouflage [180 Raster Brushes]
    Experimental set based on Camouflage assets with released sample set [30] and Paint [30]
    Project Brush Set with 6 Categories (Texture [30] | Bark Grunge [30]  Leaves [30] | Canopy [30] | Effects | Paint [30])
    A. Camouflage (Mixed Samples) [30]
    Set consists of 30 Brushes in total with 8 brushes from Leaves; Grunge Bark; Textures plus 6 from Canopy
    B. Camouflage:Paint Textures [30]
    Set of 30 Paint Brushes based on Camouflage Assets
    12 Project Brush Vector Paint [60 Vector Textured Brushes]
    Vector Paint 01 | Vector Paint 02 | Vector Paint 03
    60 shape masks with textured overlays partially based on inkBrush Render

    Set of 30 Vector Brushes compiled from 5 separate brush sets:Render II | Linear II  and Vector Texture 01, 02, 03

    13. Project Brush Ink Painter
    Bristle [40] | Ink [30] | Paint [30] | Shader [30] | Texture [30] | Mesh [30]
    New group set of raster brushes

    14. Project Brush Organic Pattern
    Brush set to develop organic patterns and graphic styles using seamless patterns
    Organic Pattern 01 | Organic Pattern 02 | Organic Pattern 03 Organic pattern 04 | Organic Pattern 05
    90 Raster Brushes | >160 seamless patterns
    Organic Brush Special Set
    An Experiment with variation on single base texture (30 Brushes) using limited nozzles and settings
    There is a small sample set for organic brushes Organic Brush Test
    Asset Library
    Vector assets created and available in Resources section of Forum
    Free assets based on drawings saved into asset panel with supplementary explanation PDF (mostly!)

    Inktober 2017
    1. Screech
    2. Juicy
    3. Poison
    4. Shy
    5. Filthy

    InkBrush Project Vector Assets
    Vector textures to supplement InkBrush Project
    1. Geometric and organic pattern textures
    2. Compound and placement textures
    3. Nozzles

    1. Snowflakes and construction assets

    Camouflage Project
    1. Camouflage I
    2. Camouflage II

    Style Library
    Style assets created and available in Resources section of Forum

    Inktober 2017
    1. United
    2. Screech
    3. Poison
    4. Long

    Camouflage II
    1. Pattern Styles I
    Set of 30 coloured patterns based on base textures for brush nozzles
    2. Pattern Styles 2
    Set of 30 coloured patterns based on base textures for brush nozzles 

    1. Pulled this from another thread...may find useful.....
    Issues relating to installing iPad Brushes:
    brushes on iPad
    and Loading IPad Brushes

    Tutorials and some excellent links....
    These fantastic tutorials also very useful if you wish to explore creating your own..and have some fun at the same time.
    Managing Raster Brushes
    Managing Assets: @Frankentoon kindly created a video tutorial for installing AD assets including Brushes on YouTube. Brushes available here
    Creating your own Vector Brushes for iPad: at Affinity Spotlight
    Creating your own brushes for iPad at: Affinity Spotlight by @paolo.limoncelli: Paolo's Daub Brush Techniques acquire them here
    Creating your own Bristle Brush: Tutorial
    Creating and individual Vector Brush from @Mensch Mesch: Ivy Brush
    Creating Vector Brushes by @IsabelAracama: Custom Vector Brushes
    Creating vector (intensity and image brushes) Custom Vector Brush

    Installing Assets
    Help page to install assets into Affinity Suite
    Custom Smoke Brushes
    Texture Brushes and Blend Modes
    Creating Vector Brushes (includes assets and 10 sample brushes)
    Creating Base Textures for Brushes
    Added a process information sheet outlining methods of seamless pattern creation that can be used for brush base textures and graphic styles

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    Pixelkobold reacted to LyricsGirl in The AWESOME Affinity Bundle!   
    The Awesome Affinity Bundle $66 worth of styles clipart and more only for Affinity! To celebrate the Trifecta of Affinity programs Hurry! limited time only! The Awesome Affinity Bundle brings together a unique range of amazing style sets and designer kits, ready to be used in all 3 Affinity programs: Designer,  Photo and the just-released Publisher. This bundle contains $66 worth of design kits – now for only $17! 12 style sets for Affinity– Including lifetime commercial license   Includes:  Leadlight Designers Kit - includes transparent and opaque GLASS textures and leading texture! Fruity Metallics styles Set Enamels Styles Glitters Designers Kit Ancient Civilizations Styles & Palettes Coffee & Kisses Coffee Time Style Set Rose Petals - See how realistic this texture is! Tiny Hearts Romantic Hearts Ooh! La!La! Styles set for luxury designs Romantic Glitters   https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/the-awesome-affinity-bundle/
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    Pixelkobold reacted to ashf in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Maybe ask to Markzware?
    They are good at this kind of job.
    It seems they have an interest in Publisher.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Old Bruce in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    InDesign Markup Language (IDML) was developed (by Adobe for Adobe) to allow 'older' versions of InDesign to open a file made on a 'newer' version of InDesign. It was not meant to be used by other software from other companies. It is not like TIFF or JPEG or TXT or CSV.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Patrick Connor in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    OK, I sorted that also and still state this as our postiton. However, no matter how many times we state our position there will still be those who choose to expect INDD and nothing else will do.
    I do not think customers are misunderstanding our posts. Picking each one appart as if we have backtracked or misled seems diningenuous.  I think they are just hoping INDD is opened and are not reading things as closely as you are. I will keep correcting any more that are confusing but in my opinion it is not actually helping anyone.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to dcrosby in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Thanks for pointing that out. The level of entitlement by some on these boards is astounding sometimes. People seem to want every feature from Adobe's "bloated" product, at version 1, for $50. The anger is misdirected. Serif is not the one exploiting you even if you lost $40.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Fixx in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    No, it is like you buy this nice car and find that it does not have a towing hook to drag all of your old excess package along. 
    Just create your publications anew in Publisher, it is not hard and they will be better for it.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Alfred in Address Labels and other small publication templates   
    J8nnn and L7nnn are UK Avery numbers (for inkjet and laser products, respectively).
    The Affinity suite is completely new, built from the ground up to be largely ‘platform agnostic’. PagePlus is heavily dependent upon built-in Windows functions, and APub doesn’t share any code with it.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to PaulEC in Templates   
    You can save a whole page to the assets panel. Not the same as a template, but can be useful to repeat layouts etc.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Aammppaa in Publisher: creating and placing multiple photo frame (rows and columns) at once??   
    Another workaround would be to use the Column (and Row) Guides in the Guide Manager?
    Again - not as advanced / interactive as the ID tool you demonstrate, but might get the job done.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to walt.farrell in Publisher: creating and placing multiple photo frame (rows and columns) at once??   
    Power Duplicate, as mentioned by @Old Bruce, is the function provided by Publisher to do what you want to do. It's reasonably simple to use, with a bit of experience.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Old Bruce in Publisher: creating and placing multiple photo frame (rows and columns) at once??   
    This is for Mac, on Windows the keyboard shortcuts are different
    Make your first Photo Frame in the place you want it of the size you want it. Hit Command + J to duplicate it in place and move it to where you want the next one in the row. Now if you hit Command J again the second one will duplicate the distance you moved it repeat for the rest of the row.
    It is important to not deselect the copy from the first step when moving it. Moving may be best done using the transform panel.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Patrick Connor in Official Affinity Publisher (Desktop) Tutorials   
    They are coming to the YouTube channel. The issue here is that Vimeo videos can be tweaked as an after thought without losing all the views and all the comments. YouTube videos are a once only upload thing, so QA have been tasked with checking the quality of things like intros and fades to see if there is any need to adjust or improve them before they are uploaded (all of which will take a while).
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    Pixelkobold reacted to macmikeal in Text Effect Styles   
    Here are roughly 50 of my Text styles I have converted. If I can get them on here. Let me know what you think. macmikeal at me dot come.
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Picketwire in Affinity Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows (Excel)   
    I have made some Excel spreadsheets for some of the keyboard shortcuts in Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher for Windows and am incuding them free for your use. I have not verified all of these shortcuts. You can easily modify them to your own liking or to your specific shortcuts.
    Windows-Affinity Designer Keyboard Shortcuts.xlsx
    Windows-Affinity Photo Keyboard Shortcuts.xlsx
    Windows-Affinity Publisher Keyboard Shortcuts.xlsx
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    Pixelkobold reacted to Tamauro in Mandala maker   
    Here is a clean template to make a mandala in a super simple way.
    Just open the file, select the layer "Draw the Mandala here", start to draw and have fun !
    Mandala template 12.afdesign
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