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  1. Right, and I assume that the native Affinity-format file is loss-less, so it can be manipulated, opened and closed, etc. as much as needed without degrading, right? I can see in this thread that I'm not the only one who isn't clear on these underlying basics. I still don't see the what/why of editing the undeveloped RAW ...
  2. Win 7 Pro 64, and I'm not the one to make suggestions, but that is I think how it's supposed to work. Develop first, then on to Photo.
  3. Hi Lee, Thanks for the response. Before I continue, I'll mention that after playing with the trial version of Affinity 1.5 for the past week or so on my PC, I'm going to purchase it in the next few hours. So, sorry to seem dense about this, but is there anything in the Develop persona (other than the basic RAW conversion) that can't be achieved later in the Photo persona? I'm not entirely clear about the function or rationale of the divide between them. Is the Develop persona sort of intended as a quick way to get an image out, for those who don't want or need to go deeper in the Photo persona? Is there any reason, if one knows that a RAW image is going to be manipulated substantially in the Photo persona, to not simply "develop" it immediately and go right on into Photo? That's really the crux of my question - what if anything is the drawback of doing that? Or am i still missing something altogether different? Thanks so much for your help.
  4. This may be an odd question coming from someone who has been active in digital photography since 1997, but can someone please explain what the difference is, and why it is necessary/desirable, to first manipulate a RAW image in the Develop persona, when it can be placed directly into the Photo persona and manipulated there in what appear to be many of the exact same ways? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the response. I'll look forward then to an eventual complete somehow-indexed set of the tutorials on YT, which is generally a faster, more reliable venue for me, with the mid-range speeds provided via Viasat. I'll hope in the meantime to not get so frustrated as to have to walk away. (The obvious excellence of the program and the great low price will help with that! :))
  6. Where is there an equivalent nice list of these great videos linked to YouTube instead of Vimeo? For me, necessarily on a Satellite connection, Vimeo often freezes, crashes, refuses to render in a legible resolution and so on, it just isn't usable at many times when YT comes in loud and clear. I love the concept of many, many short very specific videos, but it requires a linked index like the one here. Thanks!
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