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  1. Hello Support Team, after importing an PSD file with an HSL adjustment layer, my picture became unusable. In Photoshop I made some detailed color adjustments (red tones) within an HSL adjustment layer (see attachment). In Affinity Photo the color adjustments resets to the default 'red tones' and I have no ability there to restore the adjustment. On the website I read "Full PSD import" and "[...] keeping adjustments, effects and layers intact" but at the moment it doesnt work. Is there any workaround or is the feature already planed in next releases? Best regards, OmNom
  2. Hi, I really miss the feature to select an individual color range/falloff on HSL adjustment layers. In Photoshop there is additionally the possibility to select the color range through color pickers. Is there a plan to add this feature in next version?
  3. Hi, realtime clipping preview for tone mapping does not work for me. If I use ALT+DRAG to move the sliders for black or white point, there is no useable clipping preview. Only for a very short time I can see the clipping, then it restores to normal view, while still dragging with pressed ALT key. Is this a known bug, or a problem with my PC? I use Windows 7 an AP
  4. Hi, perhaps you have selected an adjustment layer instead the image before switching to liquify persona?