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  1. MIke, I am using the Antonietta Script Pro file. Not sure why the font was set up this way, the majority of alternates are fine, but these last few glyphs were not assigned to any stylistic set.
  2. Hi Mike :) Typically what you describe would be true, however in this case it is not. As I stated in my original post, there are glyphs in this font that are not assigned to a stylistic set, nor is there a HEX code available for them, which is why I brought up the fact that they are not mapped. So, unfortunately, there is no way to access them in AD.
  3. Hello, I'm new to the Affinity product base but have purchased and am starting to use Affinity Designer. One issue I am running into out of the gate is trouble accessing various characters of Open Type fonts. Particularly those not mapped to Unicode. For example, I am currently working with the Antonietta font, which is partly mapped and partly not. While many of the alternates do not show up on some character maps that I use, I am able to access them via Stylistic Sets in AD. However, there are also characters that are not assigned to Stylistic Sets, nor are mapped, that I am unable to access. I know they are there as I can see them in a glyph gallery listing, and I can see them via Glyph Mode in MainType's character map, however they have no codepoint. That, in conjunction with the fact that there is no character map in AD, means I am unable to access to them and bring them into the workspace. Is there something I'm missing that would allow me to access these unmapped characters?
  4. Also wondering about a character map being added in the future. Neither Babel or NexusFont allow for access to unmapped open type glyphs. AD does, to some extent, via stylistic alternates but working in that way is very roundabout and burdensome when working with fonts that have a large number of glyphs. More importantly, it isn't possible to access glyphs that don't readily have corresponding keyboard options. Some software programs allow for entering known HEX codes to get around that issue, but again, that doesn't work with unmapped fonts.
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